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A Note To My Younger Self: Micah Scott

The CEO of our Mardi Gras charity partner Minus18, sends some wise words to his past self.


Micah Scott

We’re celebrating Sydney Mardi Gras 2019 with our friends at Minus18. 100% of proceeds from our House of Holland Rainbow Waves charity collection will be donated to the LGBTIQ+ youth foundation from now until 31st March. Minus18 supports young LGBTIQ+ people through events, workshops, and education. So we asked some influential members of the LGBTIQ+ community what words of wisdom and reassurance they would pen in a note to their younger selves.

Micah Scott is the CEO of Minus18, developing groundbreaking initiatives that lead the charge for LGBTIQ youth empowerment Australia-wide. For his achievements Micah was named finalist for the Victorian Young Australian of the Year and GLOBE's LGBTIQ Person of the Year in 2017. In his letter, he reaches out to his Kylie-loving, teenage self.

alt textPhoto of grown-up Micah by Daniel Mahon

Hello Micah, you beautiful thing.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s funny looking back on these photos of you as a teenager; I can practically hear the anxious insecurities racing through your head.

Keep your mouth closed just enough so your braces don’t show. Talk slow enough that you don’t sound queer. Oh man, why’d you just admit that you like Kylie Minogue in front of the entire class of boys?

If you think it’s all a bit much now, just wait until the acne invades your face next year, it’s a real hoot.

Some days it all feels a bit much. The fear of anyone figuring out that you’re into guys is overwhelming, and it can feel like no one could ever love you when you feel this way.

I wish there was an easy way to convince you that one day this will change. Because it will.

There’s this place you’ll be invited to soon, called Minus18, some random guy on Myspace is going to tell you about it. It’s an organisation for thousands of queer teenagers to meet each other, make friends and get support. You’ll head along when you’re 16 years old, sit in the chill out area talking to other queer people, and for the first time in your life you’ll feel as though you belong. I can’t wait for you to experience that moment.

There’s a dance floor, and even though you make your friends promise you they won’t force you to dance, you’ll be in such a state of euphoria that you give a (very daggy) go anyway. We both know you can’t resist the call of Kylie.

And guess what, Micah, it’s uphill from there. You’ll find people in your life who build you up, help you grow, who love you unconditionally and make you feel whole.

But most importantly, and here’s the best bit, you’ll eventually learn to express this love to yourself.

So try not to stress too much, you beautiful thing. You’ll be smiling soon – I promise.

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If that wasn't example enough of the power of putting pen to paper, we're donating 100% of proceeds from House of Holland's Rainbow Waves charity collection to Minus18 until 31st March.


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