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A Note To My Younger Self: Leo Greenfield

For our Mardi Gras celebrations, the illustrator puts a reassuring arm around 1999 Leo.


Leo Greenfield

We’re celebrating Sydney Mardi Gras 2019 with our friends at Minus18. 100% of proceeds from our House of Holland Rainbow Waves charity collection will be donated to the LGBTIQ+ youth foundation from now until 31st March. Minus18 supports young LGBTIQ+ people through events, workshops, and education. So we asked some influential members of the LGBTIQ+ community what words of wisdom and reassurance they would pen in a note to their younger selves.

Observational artist and writer Leo Greenfield, documents the ever-changing space of street life and culture. His work has appeared in The Daily Telegraph UK, L'Officiel, Vogue, and Harper’s BAAZAR amongst others. Here, he reassures the boy he was back in 1999.

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Dear Younger Self,

I don't really miss you, although it has been quite some time.
It doesn't feel like that long, as I'm still very much you.

We haven't changed at all really.

I know that is what you are most afraid of - changing and growing up, and possibly changing too much.
The growing part: the further study, the leaving home – it will happen, but please don't fret.

Growing up gets a bad rap, but actually it’s the best part.
In growing up, you actually get to be yourself, and get to know yourself in better light.
You don't change what you dream of, you simply get to see those things once imagined become reality.

Tokyo or Paris dreamt up from your bedroom is one thing. But to see those places in real life – they are even better and so much more welcoming.
Things will become more open, that welcome will be extended. Chances will be realised and all you have to do is be patient and like I said before: don't worry too much.

In the meantime keep drawing, you and I still love that.
Until we need to talk again,


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If that wasn't example enough of the power of putting pen to paper, we're donating 100% of proceeds from House of Holland's Rainbow Waves charity collection to Minus18 until 31st March.


And if you want to read more of Leo's beautiful words, leaf through his columns for The Adelaide Review where he celebrates the careers of everyday people through illustration and interviews.