10 Reasons Why Papier's Disney Stationery Will Enchant You

We know we’re biased, but Papier’s Disney collaboration is the stuff stationery dreams are made of. Working with the animation studio’s archives, our creative team has brought a magical collection of Disney notebooks, notecards, sketchbooks, invitations and photo cards to life – all of which can be personalised by you. But what’s to love apart from those iconic characters dancing across the front? Here’s 10 reasons you need the collection in your life…


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1. It’ll make you feel young (again)
Call off the search for the elixir of youth. Your antidote for getting old is right here, in the form of Mickey Mouse invitations, Little Mermaid notebooks and Bambi stationery sets. Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia. And when cute, familiar things pop through your letterbox like this, you’re bound to feel all shiny and new again.

2. Little ones love it too
Naturally, little ones love these cute, colourful designs. Our Disney collection is stacked with paper goodness that’ll release their creative side and make for fun, wi-fi free playtime. Think Ariel sketchbooks and Belle notebooks – perfect for a spot of after-school doodling or story scribbling. Our Disney party invitations go down a treat with kids too. Dumbo, Bambi, Mickey Mouse – we’ve got the whole gang.

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3. We’ve got all the classics
There’s something about the old Disney classics that you just can’t beat. Join the Mickey Mouse club courtesy of our Minnie and Mickey notebooks and stationery sets, or pay tribute to two of the earliest Disney movies ever made with our adorable Bambi and Dumbo invitations. They may have been born in the 1940s, but we say the pair are looking cuter than ever.

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4. You’ll want to host Mad Hatter Tea Parties
From save the dates and invitations, to menus and place names, we’ve got all the Alice in Wonderland stationery you need for the ultimate Mad Hatter’s tea party. (Trust us, no one will want to be late for this very important date). Featuring Alice and friends, the designs are just as bright and whimsical as the film itself. Hosting tip: use the Cheshire Cat notebooks to jot down your best jam tart recipes.

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5. It will grant you a fairy-tale wedding
Ask them to be your guest with our Beauty & the Beast wedding invitations. We’ve also got La Belle et la Bête on elegant, timeless menus and place names that work beautifully for both engagement celebrations and your big day. Pick the blue that references the iconic costumes from the film, or, for an elevated touch, go for the gold that shimmers like the famous ballroom scene.

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6. It’ll make you sing all the time
That’s right, one look at these dreamy designs and you’ll find yourself failing to fight the urge to sing those Disney anthems. Whether it’s humming the chorus to Tale as Old as Time to slaying Sebastian’s solo in Under the Sea, it’s going to happen, so we say just go with it. Our personal favourite: Be our Guest.

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7. It’ll brighten up your desk
Feel-good primary colours are just the ticket when it comes to brightening up your desk – and your day for that matter. In case you hadn’t noticed, the vibrant designs in this collection have all the colours of the wind. Look to Ariel and her fishy friends or Alice and her talking flowers to liven up your stationery collection and say goodbye to those dull days for good.

8. It’s a real crowd-pleaser
Disney is up there with Father Christmas regarding its universal appeal. In other words, you know everyone will love absolutely anything you send them from this collection. Whether you’re shopping for the kids in your life or the kids at heart, we promise you’ll easily find something to put a smile on their face. You’re so welcome.

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9. It might inspire you
Anything that makes us want to put down our phones and keyboards to be creative gets a warm welcome from us. Exploring the archives for this collab really opened our eyes to Disney’s breadth of creativity, so take your lead from the animation studio and use the notebooks to sketch your own characters or have a go at writing your very own fairy tale.

10. You can customise it all
Like all our designs, everything in our Disney line-up can be personalised by you. Customise your notebook with your name, or use your favourite characters to inspire a fun pseudonym. (Think ‘Mrs Potts’ Cookbook’ or ‘King Triton’s Daily Thoughts’). You can also fill out the invitations with details of your event and we’ll print them neatly for you on beautifully textured paper. Talk about a happy ever after.

Ready to discover a whole new world? Shop Papier’s Disney collaboration right here.


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