Papier Passions

A Love Letter to... Lemons

Papier's founder and CEO pens a very fruity ode to the citrus delights of Italy.


Taymoor Atighetchi @ Papier



Like pearls on young maidens, they hang from each tree

Imbued with the rich verdant soil of coastal Amalfi


On the tongue first acid, then salt and now sweet

A close harmony of flavour with which no fruit can compete


Dressed in your nectar, you make shy leaves sing


Or dipped in your essence, you awaken any dull thing

Piled high in a fruit bowl, you bring summer inside

Carrying us on the back of your scent, to the Amalfi hillside

Taymoor Atighetchi is Papier's founder and CEO, a passionate cook and, it appears, a surprisingly passionate poet on the cusp of starting a Romantic renaissance in the retail sector.