Papier Passions

A Love Letter To... Shells

Papier's Head of PR, Holly Chapman, pens a note to her shell phone.


Holly Chapman @ Papier


The sea is in my bedroom

Cocooned in mollusc form

When I press it to my ear

I can hear

The wash of the waves rolling on soft sand



The trouble is my shell phone has bad signal

It does not pick up

the squeal from my sister as cold frothy foam catches her toes,

the frantic squawks of seagulls crooning over chips

the enticing, synthesised chimes of the ice cream van

the beat of three magic taps on the top of my bucket



But it will do,

I listen and finger the shape of the swirls

Waiting until the next time I am engulfed by briny curls.

Holly Chapman is Papier's Head of PR & Community, lover of the seaside and has since upgraded from her shell phone contract.