Papier Passions

A Trip Down Stationery Lane

It’s Monday morning, 8.50am, that means double chemistry for class 7b. Usually, this would be an unyieldingly tough start to the week. But today is different. Today, your fingers are itching to get noting some periodic table trends.

You unzip your Quiksilver backpack and your hand reaches inside. There it is. Your brand new Pepsi can pencil case – white in colour of course because that’s the colour of Pepsi cans.

You place it on your desk and scan your classmates for jealous glances. But there’s Jennifer Adams across the room and…and… it can’t be? She’s got one too! She gives you a sweet, full grin smile and raises hers to you as if she’s cheersing you, just like an adult would. Shocked, your soft drink-advertising stationery holder slips from your hand, sending your scented gel pens scattering amongst the stools. Damn yooou, Jennifer Adams!


Ah, the joys (and dramas) of school stationery. The scent of a new rainbow rubber, the feel of a pop-out Disney pencil case, the sight of a Trolls pencil topper. If you think nothing has ever quite excited the senses like fresh stationery on the first day of term, you're sure to enjoy our lovingly curated, and nostalgia-inducing, vintage shoot.

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Feel the excitement of new term stationery all over again with our personalised planners, notebooks and mid-year diaries.

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