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Back to Work Stationery

The essentials you need to make work your new happy place.

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Let’s face it. The joys of ‘back to school’ stationery aren’t just for kids. Deliberating over which new stationery you’re going to waltz into the office with is the highlight of going back to work. There’s nothing like picking up a few fresh paper essentials to make your desk a prettier place and help you start the ‘term’ as you mean to go on.

New stationery has that magic ability to awaken your best self (for a few weeks, at least) and when it’s got your name printed all over it, you’ll feel well and truly ready to get down to business. Here, we shortlist the stationery heroes that’ll bring your best handwriting, an organised mind and a stylish desk setup your way. Side note: they double up as cute back to school gifts for the students in your life too.

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Dotted Notebooks
Dotted notebooks are just the thing for, well, lots of things – from managing work to-do lists to tracking expenses. They’re particularly useful if your job involves a lot of equations or technical drawings, as the grid pattern inside allows you to draw all the lines, boxes and diagrams your heart desires. And you get to feel like Da Vinci or Michelangelo whilst doing so because the handy dots make drawing shapes freehand nice and easy – no rulers required!


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With blank, boundless pages just waiting for your pen or pencil to roam free, sketchbooks are great for note-taking and brainstorming. They’re handy for creative roles, of course – think designer, illustrator or architect. Fill the pages with your finest sketches and show your creative side with a cover personalised by you. We like them for a spot of doodling during drawn-out meetings or quiet lunch breaks.


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Lined Notebooks
Like our trusty sketchbooks, the humble lined notebook will serve you well during any task on your weekly agenda, whether it’s minute-taking, list-making or project-planning. Shake up your desk with downright cheeky designs from our House of Holland collab, keep it classic with a Breton stripe or breathe a little natural beauty into your workspace with something by Tuppence Collective. Plants boost productivity, right?


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Customisable notecards are another must for your work stationery shopping list. Scrawl down important info and stick them on your wall as helpful reminders, or create fancy prompt cards for your next presentation to the team. They’re also pretty good for sending notes to your colleagues when it’s their birthday, last day at work or you simply feel like putting a smile on their face.


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Weekly Planners
With a week-view for 52 weeks and additional pages for notes at the back, our personalised weekly planners make it easy to manage your workload and meetings effectively for the entire year. There’s a page for very important calendar dates at the front too, so you never have to worry about missing an annual review, Christmas do or charity bake-off ever again.