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Bullet Journal Idea: Zero Waste Swaps

Bujoer @hannahmariaplans beautifully illustrates some sustainable day-to-day changes to make.

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We love the painterly style that bullet journaler @hannahmariaplans decorates her spreads with. She’s really an illustrator as much as she is a bujoer. Though it wasn’t always the way.

In her final year at medical school, a time packed full of assessments, placements and socials, Hannah decided to create a bullet journal to bring her busy schedule under control. Soon, what started as an organisational tool became much more of a creative outlet. Flip through to a couple of years later, and Hannah began to share her beautifully illustrated spreads online.

For Earth Day this year, we asked Hannah to create a spread of zero waste swaps – sustainable options to use in your daily life instead of disposable ones. And chatted to her about her passion for nature and bullet journals.

“I have always had a close relationship with nature.”


“I get very inspired by nature in my journal. Most themes are derived from landscapes I've seen or habitats that I enjoy painting. I have a set of layouts that I know work well for me but I also like to try new things on occasion. Once I have my theme, I normally tend to paint or create around that using my set layouts, so it comes together fairly quickly.”

“I have always had what I would describe as a close relationship with nature. As a child, my dad used to take my sister and me out bird and nature watching across the south of England, so I have never been a stranger to the outdoors.”

“As I have grown up, I have become very passionate about walking and rock climbing. With that comes with a certain responsibility to the environment. I feel very strongly about making sustainable choices and ensuring we preserve our environment wherever possible.”

“I hope that larger companies take more responsibility for caring for the Earth. Of course our individual actions make a difference, and it's nice to see people taking control of what they can and lobbying for their beliefs. So many of the people I mix with have a respectful relationship with the earth and its wildlife, and I hope that in time we can create bigger change.”

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Hannah's Zero Waste Swaps

Bag for life
Wooden dish brushes and natural sponges
Refillable pens
Loose leaf tea & coffee beans
Bringing cutlery and a straw (bamboo or metal)
Menstrual cups and period underwear
Solid soap/shampoo/conditioner
Reusable water bottles and cups