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Bullet Journal Ideas for Bakers

A few tips to help you plan your future cake-creating escapades.

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If you’ve a tendency to whisk away the days baking in your kitchen, we’re with you. There are not many things more comforting than whipping up a delicious chocolate cake or more satisfying than perfecting your recipe for the most moist of millennial icons – banana bread.

If you also like to draw aesthetically pleasing infographics, trackers and planners in a bullet journal, then we’re with you on that too. Baking and bullet journalling go together like eggs and flour. Here are a few that can help you in your future cake-creating escapades – and, of course, look absolutely delightful.


Ingredient tracker
There’s few things more infuriating than finding you don’t have quite enough flour for a recipe when it really looked like you did. You were so darn sure you did! With an ingredient tracker you can immediately see exactly how much you have of your essential baking ingredients without having to weigh them.

Create charts of caster sugar, self-raising flour, plain flour, baking powder, etc. with measurements down the side. Each time you use some of that ingredient, colour in how much you’ve used in the corresponding chart. You’ll be able to see exactly how much you have left and if it’s enough for your recipe, or if you need to pop to the shops to top up.

Seasonal fruit & veg lists
This one is a lovely excuse to get your felt tips out and give your pages a fruity flourish. Create a table of the seasons across the top, or on separate pages, and the months in a column on the left. Then start listing and drawing the fruit and veg which are seasonal to those months. (You could split these in separate columns too.) A quick internet search should be able to help you with this. If your bullet journal is of the super-organised style, then you could even add page numbers alongside each ingredient to show where you’ve written recipes that include it.


Monthly baking goals
Bullet journals are the perfect places for listing your goals. So why not create some goal pages that are purely baking focused? It doesn’t have to be in a list. You could draw out a double-page spread of all the recipes you want to achieve that month. Drawings or logos for each one, Bake Off style, would be the icing on the cake.

If you’re going to have monthly baking goals in your bullet journal then you might as well alluringly illustrate and write out those recipes in your bullet journal too. Use sticker tabs, or a contents page to find them quickly.


Conversion charts of cup to grams, ml, etc./Celsius to Fahrenheit
Sometimes you find a mouth-watering recipe but your hunger to recreate it is frustrated by the divergence between US and UK measuring styles. Rather than flipping between tabs on your phone to google how much 1 cup of sugar is in grams, draw up a conversion chart in your bullet journal to be easily referenced when such a predicament arises. A conversion chart for oven temperatures will come in equally handy.

Baking glossary: Descriptions of baking terms
If you’re anything like this inexperienced baker/writer, then the baking lexicon can sometimes leave you feeling rather stumped. How do I “aerate” these ingredients? Am I “beating” or am I “blending” right now? And could someone please tell me what in Mary Berry’s name is a “rolling boil”? Definitions for anything which might leave you feeling a tad confused are all available online – but wouldn’t it be easier, and far, far prettier, if they were all neatly listed in your own beautifully drawn glossary?

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