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Louise Chai's Bullet Journal Tips for Self-Isolation

Doodlelou can help you plan your way through self-isolation

Louise Chai's Bullet Journal Tips for Self-Isolation

Feeling a little lost right now? A little unsure what to do with yourself under lockdown? That's understandable. When we need to find a little more comfort and structure, we often turn to our bullet journals – the draw-it-yourself planners created in dotted notebooks.

So we asked bullet journal expert Louise Chai (better known as on Instagram) to draw us up a guide to the 5 things to create in your BuJo which can keep you organised and calm whilst in self-isolation.

When you're ready to start drawing up your own, take a look through our collection of personalised, bullet notebooks.


Habit tracker
Habit trackers are popular in the bujo community as a way of tracking habits and the things you want to be doing! Each time you achieve your desired goal for the day, just mark it in and by the end of the month you'll see how well you've done. Visually filling it in and seeing your progress on paper encourages you to make good habits. Now I'm out of my usual routine and I have some more time on my hands, it's great for reminding me of my daily goals, to track my workouts, and the amount of water I'm drinking, etc.


Meal Plan
Self-isolation has meant all of my meals are going to be cooked and eaten at home. Meal planning is particularly good for this time because not only does it eliminate the to and fro of what you should eat that day but it means your food shopping list can be easily collated and you'll know exactly what you need to buy for the week! You just draw a weekly grid (you can add a snack column too) and plan with what you've already got in the fridge or what you're planning to get. I've added a couple of recipes for when I need a sweet treat and can't pop to the shops.


Self-Care Menu
There's no better moment to be encouraging self-care now that many of us have the time and the comforts of our own home. It's easy to get caught up in the stress and fall out of your daily routine in this unpredictable situation but if you are able to, take a moment for yourself and do the things you might not have time for later on. I've curated some of my favourite things that calm me and that I would like to do more often. Even if you don't do these things every day, it's a nice reminder to have on hand.


Weekly Planner
I have a weekly plan for every week of the year and self-isolation doesn't mean I'll be stopping. Though my normal routine is a little different now, it clearly shows my agenda and my tasks for the week. These tasks can be big or small but it gives you a little bit more structure in your day and reminds you of things to look forward to in the week. In my first week of social distancing, you would find me pottering around the house with no real aim one day and then deep cleaning the entire house the next. The weekly planner really helps you pace yourself and divide your tasks throughout the week!


My Goals
It's a rare situation we've all been put in, but also a fantastic opportunity to set some new goals that you've never had the time or focus for. I've set myself some extra goals to accomplish in the next few months, from clearing out my closet to learning a new software. I would personally choose between 5 to 10 goals and draw or print images to go alongside them so you can refer back. I usually draw these out as I find it very therapeutic to be using my hands writing and drawing – and you're more likely to remember them if you've spent time drawing it out!

Get more bujo inspiration on Louise's Instagram's page and on our 6 Ways to Use a Dotted Notebook article. Ready to start your own bullet journal? Then we'll point you in the direction of our bullet notebooks.

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