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Dates in the Diary with Richard Lee Massey

The Instagrammer, PR guru and co-editor of Unseen 24/7 walks us through a week in his busy diary.


Richard Lee Massey


Liz Seabrook

As a PR guru, co-editor of food, drink, culture and travel newsletter Unseen 24/7 AND much-followed Instagrammer of FOMO-inducing spots across London and further afield, Richard Lee Massey is a man about town in the most literal sense of the phrase. Running from client meetings to editorial catch-ups, only stopping to take some well judged snaps of attractive London doorways, Richard guides us through what a week in his busy diary looks like.

alt textRichard getting his week plans down in Londrino, London Bridge.

Mondays usually start with a breakfast meeting about Unseen 24/7. This could be anywhere, but it would normally be in the East End somewhere. As well as a general catch up, Chloe (Sachdev, my co-founder) and I will normally filter through the endless press releases, emails and messages about new openings in the capital. Once we figure out what and who we’re covering, this determines that week’s issue or theme.

On Monday afternoons, I put my PR hat on and focus on my clients. So, I’ll catch up on the weekend papers before spending the rest of the afternoon tending to emails, calls and press requests – not half as glamorous as my Instagram might imply!

Tuesdays are known as my meeting days. These are all at Town Hall Hotel and run back to back until 4pm. Although the meetings aren’t necessarily with the internal team, each of them focus on the hotel, Typing Room and Corner Room. These include sales, strategies or even meetings with potential partners for each outlet.

After this, I’ll head to the gym at Shoreditch House before dinner in same area. My favourite local spots include The Laughing Heart, The Marksman, Legs and P Franco. And although you won’t always find me at these on Tuesdays, there’s a high chance I’ll be at one of them at some point during the week.

alt textSheltering from the rain on Bermondsey Street.

The day before Unseen 24/7 goes out can be quite stressful. So, I’ll be sure to spend most of the day sourcing or taking photos for the newsletter. Of course, there’s a fine line between my work and personal life, so I’ll often find that some of the photos, or the venues, are suitable for my Instagram, @RichardLeeMassey too.

Once these are done, I’d normally have lunch or dinner at one of the spots we’re covering. This would normally be at a new opening (anywhere in the city) or an Unseen Fave – a slot reserved for our favourite, off the beaten track neighbourhood spots like Llewelyn’s, Rochelle Canteen or even my new client, Londrino.

Thursdays mornings are permanently reserved for sending out Unseen 24/7. Depending on our last minute tweaks and amends, the newsletter normally goes out between 10am and noon. After this, it’s lunch (again, at a local) before heading back to Town Hall Hotel for the rest of the day.

Although I go the to the gym 2-3 times a week, I try to keep my evening visit brief before a more relaxed dinner with friends... Thursdays are our Fridays, so I’ll be at Brawn, Noble Rot or anywhere selling good wine!

alt textGetting the shot for the 'gram. Giddy Grocer, Bermondsey Street

Fridays are my last day to wrap up my working week. Seeing as Unseen 24/7 has gone out, I dedicate these days to my PR work whilst also arranging meetings that might benefit any of the projects I work on. These can be anywhere in the city, but the day starts early and ends, like everyone else, at 6pm.

I don’t tend to go out on Friday evenings much, but if I do, it’s a quiet dinner before an early rise on Saturday. I keep the weekends for meeting friends, going to the markets and creating content that I can use for the following week... don’t tell my followers that though!

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