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Gurls Talk: A Letter to my Younger Self by Georgia Sage

Words of wisdom and encouragement to her 17-year-old self as she battled with cancer.


Georgia Sage

For International Women’s Day, we’ve collaborated with model Adwoa Aboah and Gurls Talk, her mental health community for young women, on a limited edition self-reflection notebook. It’s full of inspirational quotes from the Gurls Talk podcast guests, like Serena Williams and Janaya Future Khan, and features prompts to help you express yourself freely.

To celebrate the launch of this very special journal, we asked a couple of members of the Gurls Talk community to pen letters of reflection for us. Here, Georgia Sage writes some words of wisdom and encouragement to her 17-year-old self as she battled with cancer.

Dear me,

I’m writing this letter from your future. From a future you thought you’d never have. One that seemed full of pain, bleak and empty.
I am telling you, my younger self, that the strength you thought you didn’t have, it’s there and there is more of it than you’d ever have imagined. There is light and you must see it. There is still a spark within your soul.

When they laugh at you, know it is a reflection of their own insecurities. I wish you wouldn't let it dull you, mould you, but instead let it bring your head higher. Stop looking at your scars as failures and see them for what they really are; a sign of human resilience, of hope and battles overcome.

You will find your voice; speak up and speak out. It’ll be hard but you will learn your worth. It’ll take heartbreak and being knocked down but that’s when the real you will be found.

Dance, laugh, wear what you want because remember whatever they say, you were never asking for it. You won’t always be fearless and that’s ok but know you are a lioness. Tell the truth, express yourself, question everything, be kind and be considerate because remember not all battles are seen. Get that fresh air and don’t forget to enjoy your body, it's worthy of love.

Life will get busier, your body will home two little bodies. As you welcome them earthside, look at their tiny chests moving up and down – you will see the fragility of life. Take it all in, the good, the bad and the ugly because although these moments may be tiny flickers in time, they are big lessons to be learnt.

People will come and go, money will come and go… but you, there is only one, so cherish all of you. You are your very own temple.

Georgia x

A mum of two little girls living with kidney disease, a cancer survivor and pole dancer. She is very passionate about changing the stigma around mental health and helping women to feel empower, find their voice and feel comfortable in their own skin. Follow @sageandnellie on Instagram.