The Big Day

How to Announce Your Engagement

Three ways to let your loved ones know in grand or quiet style.

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When you first get engaged, you naturally want to tell friends and family. You might want to shout it from the rooftops and dance the night away, or perhaps you'd rather a smaller, more personal way of letting those you hold dear know your big news. Below are three couple characters who announce their engagement in their own way.

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The "We're Having A Party" Couple
It's any excuse for a celebration with these two. And this is quite clearly cause for a celebration. So they let their nearest and dearest know about their upcoming nuptials by inviting them to some flute-clinking engagement drinks. Popping the question should always lead to popping a few bottles of fizz in their minds and such a gilded occasion calls for equally gilded party invitations like these Gold Scallop ones.

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The "Ready To Roll" Couple
They were well prepared for this. With this pair it was always a matter of when, not if. So as soon as the ring box was opened, tears of joy were wiped, they started to cut and paste inspiration in their wedding planner notebook (that they just so happened to have pre-ordered), and their dream venue was booked. Now they're ready to send out the Save The Dates – after they've had a perusal of our beautiful customisable collection, of course. (That is, if they haven't already.)

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The "Keeping It Small" Couple
These love birds are so caught up in each other that they haven't even thought to splash their news all over Instagram. Instead, they're opting to tell a few of their most cherished friends and family the big news with personalised photo engagement cards. Choosing a cute pic for the front and writing thoughtful messages on the inside.

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