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Poodle Doodle: How to Draw Dogs with Peggy & Kate

The illustrator gives us a step-by-step lesson on mastering the art of pen and pooch.

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Peggy & Kate

Ever since school, quite a few of us in Papier HQ have had a tendency to doodle. From the back of the class to the back end of a 2-hour strategy meeting, we really try not to but we just can't help ourselves from putting pen to paper. (We promise we're still listening team leaders!) What do we draw? Well, we've usually got our mind on a puppy and that means there's usually a puppy on our paper.

Sadly our doggy drawings definitely could not be classed as best in show. So we asked Kate Cronk, illustrator of many a posh dog under her creative moniker Peggy & Kate, to throw us a bone with her step-by-step guide to doodling a poodle.

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Step 1. First start with a friendly face, a rounded-off triangle for the head, two dots for eyes, a heart-shaped nose and a little smile.

Step 2. Now for the body... Draw two long C shaped lines down from the head, remembering to give your poodle an elegant neck.

Step 3. The haunches are two shorter C curves, add two tiny paws on the front legs.

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Step 4. The ears could be wavy or curly, you can also add some frothy curls to the top of the head!

Step 5. Add a light wash of colour, this could be in pencil or paint.

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Step 6. Shading in the bottom of the legs and under the neck will make your poodle's coat look more fluffy and rounded.

Step 7. Go over your original pencil lines with a darker colour pencil or paint so your poodle stands out on the page.

Step 8. Draw in curls and tiny wavy lines to give texture to the coat, a neckerchief is a great finishing touch!

Now you've learnt that new trick, it's time for dog-themed stationery for all your poodle doodles and other doggy drawings.