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How To: Slow Down with Scrapbooking

Reconnect with this somewhat forgotten creative pastime.

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As humans, it’s natural to talk to ourselves and even write notes to ourselves. But when it comes to a visual conversation with ourselves, most of us rarely take the chance. Scrapbooking is a wonderful and inexpensive form of self-expression; a cathartic, extremely personal pastime that allows us to document the past, record the here and now, and fantasise about the future.

Perhaps we’re so used to pressing ctrl+C and ctrl+V that we’ve forgotten how good it can feel to physically cut and paste. On that note, here’s our guide to unplugging and placing (quite literally) your presence on the page.



The Steps to Scrapbooking

~ List the stories & themes you want to tell
~ Select your photos, cutting & swatches
~ Play around with arrangements on the pages
~ Time to cut & stick!
~ Annotate pages with personal remarks, thoughts & illustrations

Scrapbook toolkit: You’ll need a notebook, pair of scissors, glue or tape, pens & pencils.

Inspiration for your pages…

1. Interior & Architectural Snippings

Whether you’re moodboarding for a room you’re redecorating or you simply want to make your scrapbook feel like home, try filling your pages with cuttings of interior and architectural details that speak to you. Pictures of beautiful ceiling covings, iron gates to secret gardens, fabric gingham swatches – these kinds of elements create another world you can escape to.


2. Pressed Flowers & Foliage

Gather finds from the garden to bring life to the pages of your scrapbook. Forage for leaves, wildflowers – anything you can press and preserve. The process of hunting for treasures from Mother Nature is soothing in itself, but even more so when you take the time to savour them in one forever place.

3. Illustrations & Book Cuttings

Snip and scatter snippings from botanical books and beautiful art publications throughout to create endless pages of inspiration. If you like drawing, try adding your own pencil illustrations and scrawlings alongside them too.


4. Instant & Film Photography

Meaningful photographs will bring a personal charm to your scrapbook. Hunt out vintage family pictures and instant snaps in soft light and black and white for a timelessly beautiful aesthetic. Add captions that tell of ‘who, what & where’ so you (and future generations) can look back on the details and smile.

5. Vintage Recipes

Tiered cakes, fruits, jellies, homemade jams – old-fashioned recipes and cookbook illustrations are a delightful way to fill up your pages. Think wholesome, heavenly imagery that inspires you to head for the kitchen and rustle up something delicious (and hungry to return to the page for more culinary ideas.)

Ready to get started on your own scrapbook? Find a plain paper notebook to fill with your wonderful snippets and more.