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Love Through The Letterbox

We asked a few friends about the handwritten messages they're sending to loved ones right now.

Now, more than ever, it's time to send some love through the letterbox. It's a beautiful way to feel close to those we love the most whilst we currently have to stay apart. Phone and video calls are wonderful but they don't give you the same tingly feeling that holding something written just for you by one of your nearest and dearest does. Perhaps it's the closest thing to a hug we can get with them right now.

Certainly a lot of us on the Papier team and our pals are writing to friends and family at the moment. So we asked a few of them a bit more about it.


Michelle Chai, Content creator and Writer
I'm sending a thank you note to my best friend Ebony, who, even from across the country, never fails to make me feel good about the world and who is my biggest cheerleader!


Novelle Vague, Influencer
In this time of social distancing it feels more important than ever before to find ways to stay connected, so my new normal involves taking time out to brew some tea and sit down to write a letter to my sister. As much as I love FaceTime, there is something so much more nostalgic and special about seeing a handwritten letter in the mailbox, and I love knowing that I will be brightening her day by showing that I was thinking of her.


Beth, Papier Designer
I write notecards to friends and family sometimes anyway but with this extra time I decided to send some puzzles. I created a wordsearch of in-jokes and memories, and I sometimes do little doodles on the cards or on the envelopes. I hope it gives my friends a laugh and something to do but I do them because I love creating them!


Claire, PA to Papier CEO
Keith is my telephone friend from The Silver Line charity, so we have a call every week. However, I strongly believe in the power of physical post to feel more connected, so I like to send him notecards and postcards whenever I can (and now more so than ever!). We are both big film fanatics, so he always gives me the best recommendations and I always think of him when I watch something great!


Yasmin, Papier Intern
As I wrap up my internship this week, I'm writing thank you notes to say thanks to the people who have really helped me grow during my time at Papier! It’s a lovely way to say goodbye as I sadly can’t do it in person.


Holly, Papier Head of PR & Community
Several of my lucky friends have had some very good news the last few weeks – my best friend, Charlie, was proposed to mid-pandemic by her boyfriend Will. His original plan had been to propose on a mountaintop but with no ski holiday and a ring ready to go, he settled for a dog walk close to their new home and got down on one knee. Whilst we virtually cheersed the happy couple, I wanted to also send a card so that the merriment could continue. I wasn't sure about posting champagne so I might wait until I see them if I don't drink it before then.

My other wonderful friends just had their second baby and so I wanted to send my love and congratulations to them on his safe arrival along with a little gift I had already picked out. I sent a little card to Poppy, she's three, to make sure big sister had something to open too.

My last handwritten letter was a very short note to my sister. I'm very much missing her and wanted to let her know just that. I find the words harder to say on calls than write so I think over the course of the next few weeks lots of friends and family members will be receiving letters full of things I want to say on FaceTime but just can't.


Will, Papier Content Editor
My fiancée Lucy and I wrote to my friend James, a doctor in the NHS, and his wife Freya. We wanted to send a note of thanks for all his hard work for the good of us all and to let them know that we're thinking of them at what must be a very stressful time. We've told them all this on WhatsApp groups and Zoom calls but I really do think that when someone picks up a card that's dropped through the letterbox, it's a rather special feeling. Maybe that's because it's not something that happens that often but I also think the physicality creates a stronger connection between writer and receiver and, because of the time involved, there's a deeper resonance to the message. It's just nice!


Amber-Rose Smith, Photographer & Content Creator
I love the analogue style of writing a letter and physically posting it. As a photographer it's a similar feeling to holding an actual photograph as opposed to looking at photos on your phone or computer.

I am sending positive post to my best friend. I haven't seen her in over a month now and we'd usually have been for dinner to catch up. By sending her a note in the post I can tell her how much I'm looking forward to planning our next girls' weekend away, and remind her, in case no one's told her that day – she's AMAZING!!! I love that I can spread joy with a handwritten letter; it's such a simple but beautiful way to remind someone you care.


Lizi, Papier Head of CRM
I wrote to my family and best friends to say it was a “hello and hug” in the post until I can give them one in person when all this is over. I wrote a different message to each one so that it felt personal – and hopefully it's something that will brighten up their day.


Sabrina Moyle, Co-founder & Writer at Hello!Lucky
We're writing to so many people these days! We're sending cards to friends who are celebrating birthdays in quarantine and to elderly friends who are quarantined in assisted living facilities. We're also writing encouragement cards to friends who work in health care. Our kids are writing cards to close-by (but now distant!) classmates who they used to see in person at school, as well as to far-away cousins and grandparents.

Feeling inspired to send some love through the letterbox? Leaf through our letter writing sets and notecards, then put pen to paper.


We'd love to see the letters and notes you're sending to loved ones. Share yours on social with #positivepost. To help you out, we're popping a free postcard in all Papier orders (except greeting cards and framed prints). It's time to stay connected and send love.

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