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Matthew Williamson’s Deià Design Inspirations

The interior and homeware designer on the influence of his adopted hometown.

Matthew Williamson’s Deià Design Inspirations

From the vibrant colours to the tropical fruits and flora, Matthew Williamson’s designs have always conjured visions of long, hot summers. It’s perhaps unsurprising then that he has made his home in the idyllic Mallorcan village of Deià.



As his new Papier notebook collection launches, full of warm shades, Spanish tiles and palm leaves, Matthew tells us how Deià originally enticed him and continues to influence his design style.



What drew you to move to Deià?
It was really a weekend I took by chance to see a friend in Mallorca over 5 years ago. She drove me up through the Tramuntana mountain range in the north of the island. As soon as I passed the pretty, picturesque hillside village of Valldemossa and hit the winding coastal road to Deià I knew one day I was going to live here. It was a surreal experience that I knew I had to make a reality. So I did. 5 years on, I now call it my home.


Has living in Deià changed your design style do you think?
Yes it has absolutely changed and enhanced my design style. Nature has always been a key inspiration in my works and living here has made me appreciate it even more. The light is wonderful, perfect for painting.

There’s access to an artistic bohemian community and I love being part of that. It’s a slower pace of life and I love to try to capture the essence of Deià in my work – a rugged, rustic and natural beauty with a wonderfully eclectic mix of people.


"I love to try to capture the essence of Deià"


What do you love about the hand-painted ceramics in Deià?
Spain, generally, is known for its ceramics. Each region has its own particular style. I love them all and am constantly drawn back to them. They are usually hand-painted and naïve in their finish which makes them even more special. In Deià, most of the houses have a little ceramic tile embedded into the wall outside their house to mark their number or perhaps a saint they worship.



What parts of the landscape do you love the most?
I love the Cala for a casual dip and lazy lunch. It’s a hotspot in the summer but equally as appealing in the autumn or winter when it’s completely empty.

The mountains are wonderful to observe all year round (particularly from the cocktail terrace at the hotel La Residencia). As the sun sets at the end of the day, they turn a wonderful soft pink hue. And thanks to the landscape of Deià, I’ve become a keen painter and gardener. You can walk for hours on end along hidden tracks, through pine trees and olive groves.


What parts of your Deià inspiration are on show in your new Papier collection?
I guess my Tropical Palms design has been inspired by Deià – effortless hand-painted brush strokes and minty green tones. The Deià Tiles print echoes the hand-painted ceramics synonymous with the area. While the sky is clear and magical at night, a feeling I wanted to convey in the Patina Galaxy print.

Bring a little Deià to your desk with Matthew’s shimmering new summer notebooks.

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