Illustrator Mokshini Makes Models Dance on Our Rosie Assoulin Collection

Animations, illustrations and conversations on New York life and fashion.





There’s no denying it, our new collaboration with New York fashion designer Rosie Assoulin will inspire your whimsical side. Those breezy watercolour stripes and pretty paisley prints will press your playful buttons and have you doodling all over your to-do lists.

To demonstrate these spirit-lifting abilities, illustrator Mokshini created some delightful fashion drawings and animations of models wearing the original dress designs as they dance, dangle and pose across their stationery counterparts.

Like Rosie, Mokshini is based in NYC. To find out a little more about how the city affects her illustration practice and her own fashion style, we asked a few questions.

What were your thoughts when approached to illustrate Papier's Rosie Assoulin collection?
It really just felt like the perfect fit! I love Assoulin’s artistic approach when it comes to textile design and colour; my whimsy and playful style really complimented the garments aesthetically.

You draw a lot of scenes from New York life, what is it about those scenes and moments that entice you to draw them?
Like many artists, my surroundings have influenced my body of work tremendously. I’ve always gravitated towards capturing eclectic characters and their personalities. So I keep a journal with me always, just in case I need to record an inspiring outfit, interaction, or scene. I think this is because I love storytelling and illustrating moments that are relatable.

My work is also very much about fashion, but my goal has always been to capture the ‘real girl’ and her ‘struggles’; whether it be a girl attempting to put on lipstick on the train, or trying to look cute on a date – this is why I look to the streets for inspiration!

How have the goings-on of the last year affected what you draw?
It has definitely been a crazy year! I wouldn’t say this year has affected what I drew per se… What I have noticed is that I'm more conscious about keeping things joyful, uplifting and witty! Humour has always been important to me but this year in particular I made it a focus. It’s a tough time for many, so if my images can spark joy or make someone smile, I've succeeded! I’ve drawn a tonne of illustrations relating to my experience with Covid. This in itself is relatable and reminds people that we’re in it together!

You moved to New York from New Zealand. What made you make the move and has living in New York lived up to your expectations?
I’ve always had an innate love for New York, maybe it was the movies I watched as a child. But I remember watching one particular Andy Warhol documentary and how he began his career in NYC, it moved me, especially because he began his journey as a fashion illustrator too. New York felt like a place where I could grow exponentially creatively. So that was it, I booked a flight to NYC.

And yes, it has absolutely lived up to its expectations. If anything, I wasn't prepared for all the tough love I'd receive. In some ways it has surpassed my expectations because it’s pushed me in ways outside of the creative realm as well.

When you want to get down, draw your dance partner: Mokshini

How would you describe your fashion style? Has living in New York affected it?
I would describe my style as ‘easy breezy'! I love relaxed, oversized pieces. My style used to be a lot more eclectic, filled with print and colour – I guess I’ve evolved! I love that fashion can be a reflection of one’s evolution. I now like neutrals, colour blocking (and comfort)! To me, a great T-shirt with a well fitted pair of jeans can be the most fashionable look if you do it right. Thanks to New York, I embrace a more natural look, and dare I say it, black.

Who would you send the illustrations you’ve drawn on the Rosie Assoulin letter paper to?
My mum! She would absolutely adore them!

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