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School's In: New Term, New Stationery

How to spark joy on your desk this September.

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Every day is a good day for new stationery. But especially so around the month of September. As the seasons begin to shift, you’re probably realising that most of your notebooks are now packed with holiday memoirs or sketches, and perhaps the last of your notecards served as postcards to pals or summertime thank you cards. That back to school or work feeling is well and truly upon us, which means it’s time to make some space on your desk for a fresh hit of personalised paper treasures to set you up for smashing the new term in your own style.

Before you begin investing in a stack of new designs, be sure to give your desk a clear out. Put any filled notebooks or notecards somewhere for safekeeping or in the recycling bin if you no longer want them, and give the surface and drawers a good dust. Once you’ve done this, you’re all set for your September stationery reboot. Here, we remind you of the elements you need for a chic and complete new-season desk.

Things to incorporate into your desk this season...

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1. Prints that delight

From mesmerising marble effects to animal prints and classic patterns, every desk is in need of some new prints come September. Go for something completely unlike you to make your desk feel like a new, enticing space (polka dots if you always opt for stripes, petals if you never stray from palms). Mix and match an array of prints to keep things interesting rather than teaming similar patterns together – this’ll see you through the working week, giving you the pleasure of choosing and using a different design each day.

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2. Colours that spark joy

In case you’d forgotten, colours are closely linked to emotions and can have a notable impact on our moods. So fill your desk with shades that make you feel good and ready to take on your to-do list this season. Think pink to energise your imagination and creativity, try yellow to boost hope and happiness, or go green for calm and balance. It’s a good idea to include some sunny shades on your desk as a little reminder of the summer (e.g. burnt yellows and oranges). It’ll ease the transition into autumn and illuminate your desk as the lighter nights gradually begin to dim.

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3. Text that inspires

This is where you really come in. The font on your stationery makes quite the impact and choosing it is entirely up to you. What you say and how, or rather in which font, you say it can make all the difference. Shuffle things up by personalising your stationery with a strikingly modern font, capital lettering and bold or italic type. Experiment with relaxed nicknames, as opposed to using your full name which you’ll see all the time on bank statements and other formal documents, alongside motivational titles, like ‘You Got This’. We guarantee it’ll make your desk a more engaging and inspiring place.

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