The Papier Gold Foiling Collection

The story behind our shimmering gold foiled stationery.

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Let’s talk about our love affair with gold. For thousands of years, we’ve been fascinated with taking everyday objects to new heights through the art of gold foiling and gold leafing. Revered by everyone from Ancient Egyptians pharaohs and Middle Age monks, to the exuberant socialites of the Roaring Twenties and us today, the notion of adding a golden touch is one that’s transcended the history books with its everlasting allure.

Naturally here at Papier, we like to use gold foil to decorate paper things. Our gold foiled collection, we think you’ll agree, is something else. And the story behind it is just as special. So, here it is…

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The Collection

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It’s about quality, not quantity, when it comes to our gold foiled collection. Our design experts have curated a small, standout selection of designs to help you communicate with your loved ones in the most luxurious of ways. Expect gold foiled wedding stationery to help you set an elegant tone for your big day, including shimmering save the dates, metallic wedding invitations and even menus with a Midas touch.

We’ve also got designs that deliver a little dose of luxury to your day-to-day – from foiled notecard sets that’ll add an elevated touch to your desk, to glistening thank you cards and party invitations which work for every occasion.

The Crafting Process

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Our gold foiled stationery is brought to life using hot foil printing – a traditional hand-printing method combining the hands of skilled artisans and a heavy pressing machine. It’s a process steeped in heritage, which has evolved from centuries-old stamping techniques and involves three key stages:

  • A ribbon of real gold foil is delicately unfurled from its roll and suspended between two plates.

  • The paper is carefully positioned on one plate (we like to use Mohawk for its lush tactility) whilst the other plate features your chosen design on a stamp.

  • To finish, the artisan pulls a lever to clamp the plates together, stamping a beautiful metallic finish onto the paper.

We’re passionate about working with local artisans, so depending on where you’re based, our foiled creations are expertly crafted in England or the United States. All of our designs are sourced from next-level artists, illustrators and calligraphers – from À L’aise to Hartford Prints! and Lamplighter London – and include a mix of ornate and subtle looks to suit everyone’s style.

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The Result

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Modern yet timeless, rich yet clean, smooth yet textured all at once – every gold fold creation is a little work of art. There is beauty in light, and these radiant designs shimmer and shine as they capture the sun. The glow of their golden details draws the eye; the contrast of the flawless foil against their softly textured paper satisfies the touch. Who knew good old paper could look and feel so luxurious?