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Piece of Mind Journal's Bullet Journal Tips for New Year's Resolutions

Creator of beautiful bullet journals, Piece of Mind Journal gives us some tips for planning New Year's resolutions.

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Piece of Mind Journal

The bullet journal creations of Piece of Mind Journal are some of the most pleasing we've ever set our eyes on. Her elegant style is exactly the sort of thing we need in January. A time where we want calm and comfort while plotting our way out of the winter darkness.

So we asked if she wouldn't mind sending us some bullet journal tips for planning our New Year's resolutions. Thankfully for us, and for you, she was more than happy to do so. Read her thoughts below.


When it comes to setting goals and New Year's resolutions, you can either achieve them through quantitative or quality tracking. By this I mean that you can maintain your progression through either numerical tracking, or through the emotional logging of your transformative journey. The beauty of bullet journaling is that you have the freedom to choose either, or both, depending on your bespoke goals.


An effective and wonderfully satisfying way to track and motivate yourself to complete New Year's resolutions is via an excerpt use called “Level 10 Life”. First of all, start by describing your perfect scenario, or specific goal for each aspect of your life. Examples could be just to enjoy more me-time, or a more trackable goal, like getting a promotion. Each month of the year, you check in with your goals and rate your progress based on how close you got to “level 10”. Over time, not only will you track your progress but also notice patterns when you over-index in some aspects of your life and under-index in others. Self-awareness is the first step to realising your aspiring lifestyle.


Before you start to plot your New Year's resolutions, you should first recognise what you’ve already achieved. 2020 has been the most difficult year for most, and may be difficult to focus on what you overcame. Writing down your proudest achievements give you a clear perspective of your abilities and what you can control in these extraordinary circumstances. Be kind to yourself, and don’t put pressure on yourself to complete goals in order to feel in control – we are all doing the best we can.

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