Artful Advice

The art of slowing down in the city

Escape from your daily routines with these soothing hints and tips

Have you ever sat at your desk, dreaming of packing up your life and leaving it all behind to live in the wilderness? While fleeing the crowds and frenzy of the city in favour of life off the grid may seem appealing, it’s possible to create the same sense of freedom, fun and fresh air in the city. Inspired by our Caravan collection, we’ve gathered our favourite parts of nomadic living and suggested how to create a little sense of escape from your everyday life. So slow down, take a deep breath and let the countryside come to you.

Connecting with nature

Feeling grass under your feet or spending time staring at the sky is a quick way to connect with nature, no matter where you are. Head to your local park, switch off your phone, take your shoes off and lay in the grass. Take your notebook and a rug, seeing what thoughts or ideas surface after a small digital detox. Notice patterns in the clouds, and focus on the sights, sounds and smells of being amongst nature. If it’s too cold, keep your shoes on and cuddle up in a blanket, sipping on a mug of something warm. If you’re close to a beach or lake, let your toes dig into the sand or dip into the water. The key is to really switch off and tune into your surroundings.


See the view

There are plenty of hidden viewpoints amongst cities – places where the magic of nature has crept in. Try searching for special spots near you and writing them down on a list notepad, ticking them off when you make the visit. Places you can search for include parks at the top of hills, any particularly wild spots of your local common or even serene church gardens. You could also see if there are any hidden spots nearby that you could hike or drive to. Don’t forget to ask your neighbours and friends for their favourite places in the city.

Minimalist environment

Sometimes a cluttered space can cause a cluttered mind. To imitate the minimalist environment of a caravan, organise a big clear out of your space. Go through your wardrobe and donate clothes you haven’t worn in the last year, organise that particularly messy drawer in your desk or reevaluate the way your furniture is set up. Moving things around and shifting things out can make the space feel bigger, brand new and a lot more like you.

Flexibility and spontaneity

One of the greatest perks of a nomadic lifestyle is the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Pick one weekend a month to go on an adventure – take a wander around your town with your phone switched off, or head to your nearest station and take a train somewhere random. Head off solo, or organise to go with a friend and take turns planning where you’ll wander to, keeping it a secret from one another. Schedule this time in your daily planner to make sure it happens, but leave the plans open to create a sense of freedom and spontaneity.

Bring the outdoors into your home

Living in a caravan can make you feel at one with nature, surrounded by trees and flowers and fresh air. To bring this energy into your own home, go to a flower market or florist and arrange fresh blooms in your space. Buy a sprig of eucalyptus and pop it in your shower for an aromatherapy experience every morning or evening. You can also burn essential oils that are taken from the elements – lavender, pine and peppermint are invigorating scents that will make you feel as though you’ve just returned from a wander in the woods.

Eating outside

Alfresco dining is a great way to do something a little different with your day. Pack a picnic for friends and head off to one of the nature spots on your list, or organise to cook a BBQ in someone’s backyard. To keep things even more simple, sit on your front steps and eat your breakfast in the sunshine, or take your morning tea or coffee in a mug on your morning walk.

DIY and handicrafts

When you’re on the road, you often have to get creative with crafts. Reconnect with the idea of mending things and creating something from scratch. Next time something breaks, see if you can fix it yourself. Try soothing crafts that make use of things you already have around you, such as quilting with old clothes or flower pressing blooms you pick on a walk. When you need a new piece of furniture, buy it second-hand and spend time sanding and painting it to transform it into a custom creation, made special by your own two hands.

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