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Tips and a Playlist to Help Your Home Yoga

Papier's in-house yoga instructor with her top tips and tracks.




Danielle Kroll

And breathe… there’s not many things that can simultaneously help your physical and mental wellbeing in the same way that yoga can. At Papier, we’re very lucky that Emily from our brand marketing team is also a trained yoga instructor, offering weekly online classes to help the team wind down.

Papier's very own yogi, Emily, off the mat

For Emily, yoga is all about bringing some peace and awareness into her day. “Yoga gives me the gift of time,” she says. “Time to breathe, move and play. It helps me to feel grounded.”

She hopes that those attending her classes feel something similar too. “At the end of a class, I’d love peole to feel like life had momentarily slowed down, enabling them to be present, and to feel that they could take that feeling of presence with them for the rest of their day.”

Having stretched out in Emily’s classes we can confirm that this is most definitely the case. And that the soundtrack to her classes creates the perfect, soothing ambiance. “A good playlist will set the tone for your practice and support you throughout. So if you’re looking to move slowly, flow freely or rest in stillness, the music should mirror that.”

To help with your own home yoga practice, Emily has offered a few important tips and one of her famed playlists.

Emily’s 3 Tips for Home Yoga

  • “Think of something you can do before you start which will differentiate your practice from the rest of the day. That might be lighting a candle, dimming the lights or turning on your playlist.”

  • “Make the most of props you already have around your home. Such as a blanket to cover you, a pillow to place beneath your head, or the wall to help you balance.”

  • “Be a little more free with your breath. Nobody can hear you so relish in a few audible sighs during child's pose or downward facing dog and notice how it makes you feel.”

Emily’s Home Yoga Playlist