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Which French Boulangerie Delight are You?

Find your inner pastry treat... you know you want to.


Jennie Watson @ Papier


Peggy & Kate

Are you a croissant? Are you an éclair? Are you a macarón? If you’ve never asked yourself which French boulangerie item you most identify with, now. is. zeee. time. We’re here to help you find out exactly which edible treat you are and understand what this says about you. Naturellement, we’re determining all of this based on what would be found in your stationery drawer.


You’re the legendary crescent pastry if you dream of owning any of the below...


You are an icon. Warm, well-liked, charming, chic – the sort of person who walks into a room and everyone swells: “Ahhhh, there they are…” You have stories. So many stories. And you're not afraid to share them. You’ll welcome anyone into your life with open arms, but only those who prove their worth will get to stay.

Your French soundbite: Je t’aime

Count yourself a beautiful, breaded baton if these would live on your desk...


Feisty. Reliable. Witty. You move mountains for friends and make a temperamental lover who can only be tamed by someone that truly knows and loves your flaws. Funny is an understatement – because you make people roar. You’re blessed with relaxed optimism and a lighthearted outlook on life, which makes being around you feel like home.

Your French soundbite: Sacré bleu!

You’re a mini meringue-based goody if any of these tickle your fancy…


People must ring the doorbell and wait patiently in the rain before you’ll invite them in. Your exterior is reserved and watchful, but anyone with a key will see just how sweet, delicate and intelligent you are inside. Aesthetics are very much your thing: you’re in tune with colours, textures and shapes. Embrace that creativity, never play it safe.

Your French soundbite: Je ne sais quoi

You are the snail-shaped delicacy if you long to put pen to paper on these…


You’re easy-going, practical and loyal. A do-er, rather than a dreamer. Some of your best qualities are staying grounded, resisting distractions and always being true to yourself and what you believe. Your wonderful sarcasm is what draws others in, but it’s also your ‘sting’ when you need it most. You give wise advice, so keep it up.

Your French soundbite: Oui mais non

You’re a cream-filled, choctastic patisserie if you’re seduced by this lot...


Passion and drama. Romance and escape. You are from another era, darling. Sultry, sensitive, a real deep feeler. You’ll spend hours crying in the mirror rehearsing what you’d say in a scenario that you’ve completely dreamt up in your head, but, my oh my, it means you steal the show when real life summons you to its stage. A long bubble bath bather, not a short shower taker.

Your French soundbite: Ooh la la!

Swooning over these stationery treats? Well then, you're a fruit-filled affair…


'Everything in its right place' is your mantra. Mess is a frightful notion to you – a tidy wardrobe and a tidy mind are the only way. You excel at self-care and know just when you and others need to lay low, but this doesn’t mean you don’t like to boogie the night away. Oh no, you’ve gotta zing in your step. You're a sweet balancing act of calm and play with glorious sartorial taste.

Your French soundbite: Bonne nuit, mon chéri

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