Let's Celebrate

Your Body, My Country: a Mother’s Day Poem by Sophia Thakur

A beautiful ode to the women who raise us by the author of “Somebody Give this Heart a Pen”.


Sophia Thakur



To the mama who memorised my heartbeat
and decided to dance with it forever
Before knowing whether I’d be funny, cheeky or clever
You chose to love me before you knew me,
let your body become a country
for me to bloom in
So today, and everyday
I wave the flag of such a human
who made a mountain of me.
Who let me free
Who despite my behaviour
still let me be a kid.

All your palms have ever known
is how to cradle and give
Even when distance comes between us,
in my heart you always live.
You’re still the wisdom on my lips
I wear your love like a cape
and it always sees me through.
One day doesn’t do a mother justice,
but this one is all for you.



Sophia Thakur is an award-winning, best-selling author and performance poet and has shared her captivating, intimate stories on stages all over the world including TEDx stage and Glastonbury. Her debut collection Somebody Give This Heart a Pen is out now.