Papier Passions

A page in the life of... Eleanor Crewes

The graphic novelist behind The Times I Knew I Was Gay picks up her pencil for our fun series.

Honest, hilarious and highly relatable is how we’d describe the work of Eleanor Crewes. The illustrator and author explores what it means to grow up queer or different, sketching stories and scenes of love, identity and self-acceptance.

Her drawings often double up as candid diary-like entries, revealing the awkward interactions and moments of personal courage that come with navigating who you truly are. Check out her two books – The Times I Knew I Was Gay and Lilla, The Accidental Witch – to see for yourself.

In celebration of Pride this June, we asked the illustrator to doodle away in our fun series. Beautiful and authentic as ever, Eleanor's edition of A Page in the Life… is drawn from the heart.

If you're a fan of Eleanor's inspiring illustrations, you can follow her wonderful work on Instagram here.

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