Sustainability at Papier

The planet means the world to us, so we try to make and create consciously. Since our brand first began, we’ve made efforts to help lessen our footprint and we’re consciously looking for ways to improve.

Every little decision makes a difference. Read about some of the choices we’ve made with our planet in mind…
Made for you
We produce most of our products on a made-to-order basis. That means minimal stock, minimal returns and personalized Papier just for you. In other words, as little waste as possible.
Sustainably sourced
Our paper is always ethically sourced. This means we only work with suppliers who deal with forests that comply with the highest social and environmental standards.
Paper packaging
Naturally, we pride ourselves on our paper packaging. (Shrink wraps? No thanks.) All of our stationery, wedding designs and photo books are wrapped in simple cardboard and paper. Lovely materials you can recycle at home.
How to RECYCLE your Papier
Once you’ve unwrapped your Papier pieces, toss all of the cardboard and paper packaging in the recycling bin.
Notecards and more
Any used notecards, writing paper, invitations and greeting cards can go in the recycling bin too.
Notebook inner pages
The inner pages of your notebooks and planners can be recycled. Just tear the pages away from the glue on the spine and toss.
Reusing your Papier paper packaging
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Your questions, our answers

We’ve answered a few frequently asked questions below. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, just drop us an email at and our team will find the answer for you.

Why don’t you use recycled paper?

It’s not possible to know the source of all the paper that goes into making recycled paper, so we prefer to use virgin paper that we know for certain came from a sustainably managed forest. The paper industry also relies on virgin fibers to sustain the paper cycle as recycled fibers degrade after several uses.

Are your notebook covers recyclable?

They’re currently not, but they are designed to last and we are looking for a biodegradable alternative.

Do all of your products come in plastic-free packaging?

Nearly always. Every Papier order with standard delivery comes in plastic-free packaging you can recycle at home. Orders shipped via USPS priority mail arrive in a plastic envelope – we are currently working on switching to a plastic-free solution. Some other carriers in the US request that our boxes and book wraps are placed in their branded poly bag, but this is rare.

Why do you use upcycled leather instead of vegan leather?

Upcycled leather uses cast-offs from other industries that may otherwise go to waste. These leather scraps are combined with a natural latex binding material, then embossed to look and feel like real leather. Vegan leather usually consists of plastic instead of leather scraps, and is often combined with an oil-based material (like polyester) instead of natural materials. While upcycled leathers do have a thin acrylic coating, they still use less plastic than other vegan leathers. We chose to use upcycled leather because it reduces the use of new materials including plastic and is made of mostly natural materials.


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