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Reusing your Papier paper packaging

Ways to recycle our beautiful book wrap

Reusing your Papier paper packaging

Whether you’ve bought a notebook for your new job or a daily planner as a present for a friend, we wrap all our stationery as if it's a treasured gift. Our journals, notebooks and daily planners will be delivered to your door in beautiful packaging that makes it feel extra special. Printed with the Papier logo, the paper wrapping feels as good as it looks, and is simply too wonderful to waste. We’ve gathered some of our favourite ways to reuse our paper wrapping, so you can add a little Papier joy to other areas of your life. Whether you’re lining your drawers or wrapping presents, repurposing your book wrap is one way to recycle the paper and do a little bit of good for the planet.

Little notes of joy

Using scissors, cut the paper into small squares, circles, hearts or whatever shape you like. Use them to jot down little notes for your nearest and dearest. Make your roommate breakfast and leave a note wishing them a good day, tuck a note of appreciation in your neighbor’s letterbox, or deliver a little letter of praise to your favorite co-worker’s desk. Small notes can have a big impact.

Make a paper aeroplane

There are a myriad of methods when it comes to crafting the most aerodynamic paper aeroplane. The most basic method begins by folding the paper in half, then unfold it so you have a line in the middle. Fold the top two corners towards the centre line, then fold the paper in half again, with the folded corners on the inside. Take the point where the folded corner is, and fold that down towards the centre fold, so you have two wings. Decorate it with pencils or scribble a note inside, then send it on its merry way and see where it lands.


Paper garlands & bunting

To make a simple paper garland, cut small shapes out of the paper. Circles and stars are our favorites to string, or you could create bunting and write letters on each piece to spell out a special message such as “Happy Birthday.” Once you have all your paper pieces, punch holes in them and thread them onto string. Your paper garland can adorn a fireplace, doorway, or anywhere that needs a little extra love.


Labels, gift tags or wrapping paper

Cut the paper into small rectangles, then use as labels for any jars in your kitchen. You could also label things such as spices, or tupperware filled with dried rice, pasta and legumes. When it comes to presents, our paper packaging can easily be repurposed. Wrap your gift using our paper wrapping, or cut it into small gift tags where you can write the person’s name or a small note of love.


Drawer lining

This idea will require a few sheets of paper, so may be one to consider once your collection of paper treasures grows. To keep your clothes feeling fresh and your dresser looking delightful, line the bottom of drawers with our paper wrapping. You’ll get a little Papier joy every time you get dressed.

Paper daisy chain

Our Papier logo is inspired by a printer’s registration mark, representing the magic inside the pages of Papier. To make this whimsical paper daisy chain, simply cut out the logos from your packaging, poke a hole in the centre, then thread the paper circles onto a piece of string. Use your chain as a bookmark or little decoration for your desk. Transform it into a toy for your cat by hanging it from a table, or pop it on your wrist as a piece of paper jewellery.


Papier mâché cup

For a handmade desk accessory, use your paper wrapping to craft a cup from papier mâché. Tear the paper into strips, then mix one part plain flour with two parts water to create a paste. If it’s lumpy, you can use a whisk to make it smooth. Pick your favourite mug from your kitchen to use as a mould, then cover it in foil. Dip the strip into the paste, then smooth it onto the foil-covered cup. Repeat this process until the cup is fully covered in paper strips. Let it dry overnight, then remove it from the foil. You’ll have a Papier cup ready to be filled with your favorite pens.

To get your hands on some of our wonderful paper wrapping, check out our journals, notebooks and daily planners.

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