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1st wedding anniversary (paper) gift ideas

How to pick a paper anniversary present.

1st wedding anniversary (paper) gift ideas

Paper has forever been a special way to celebrate and commemorate love. From love letters to the magic of wedding paper details, passion and paper have always gone hand in hand. It’s no surprise that to mark a couple’s first anniversary, traditional gift guides suggest a paper present. From photo books to personalized notebooks, we’ve gathered the best paper anniversary gifts for all kinds of couples.

A personalized photo book

Creating a photo album featuring some of your favorite moments together – holidays, special dates or even your wedding – is a simple but meaningful first anniversary gift. Add captions alongside your pictures, like the song that was playing at the time the photo was taken, or shared in-jokes between the two of you.

photo book

Couple's notecards

As a newly-wed couple, gifting each other a set of personalized notecards is the perfect way to symbolize your joint life together. Pick a design that references your wedding stationery, or personalize with your favorite photo of the two of you. They’re ideal for sending notes of love or exciting announcements to family and friends.

A personalized notebook

Our notebooks are a great way to show your partner that you know them better than anyone else. Personalize with the nickname you gave them, a photo of the two of you, or words to encourage their next big goal.

A gift set

Beautifully boxed and ready to go, our gift sets are perfect for low-effort, high-impact first anniversary gifts. Pieces of Papier have been perfectly paired, with sets for partners who love to plan or those who need a little encouragement.

Recipe journals

As a couple, it’s customary to collect the recipes you both love. From your go-to Sunday lunch to the midweek meal you always come back to, a recipe journal can house all your favorite things to cook. For bonus points, handwrite the recipes in for your partner, filling the pages with your culinary memories as a couple.

recipe journal

Find paper presents for your FIRST anniversary

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