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Tips and tricks for using a planner

How to get the most out of your planning pages.

Tips and tricks for using a planner

There are endless opportunities on every blank page. Ready for your biggest and boldest dates and dreams, a Papier planner is the place to put down ideas and make them happen. From manifesting fun trips to setting out career goals, there’s no better space to both zoom in on your ambitions and take a step back to see the bigger picture.

We’ve rounded up our favorite tips for using your planner to its full potential.

Choosing a planner

First, it’s time to pick your planner. Perhaps you’re looking to sort your study schedule – our academic planner is your match from lecture hall to library! Or maybe it’s a mid-year planner, desk-side or daily planner that would fit your to-dos? Whatever it is, we have pages to make planning joyful, from everyday appointments to big adventures.

Looking to get a grip on a particular area? We’ve thought of layouts to suit – like budgeting in a finance planner or using a meal planner to help your dinner times flow like magic.


Master the art of planning

Whatever your plans are, it’s simpler to keep track on paper. Staying on top of where-to-be-when-with-who can sometimes feel a little chaotic, especially in busier times like summer months or vacations. By jotting down dates, dinners and to-dos in your planner, there’s less chance of forgetting occasions or double booking your days.

Plus, mapping out the little things like weekly spending and saving, or what you’ll be cooking Monday to Friday, takes one thing off your list, allowing you to feel in control when those bigger decisions come your way.

Use your planner for mindful moments

One of the best things about noting dates and details on paper is storing plans on the page – rather than taking up space in your head. Unpacking your busy schedule leaves a little more room for calm, instead of keeping track of mental reminders. Our planners have space to jot down monthly goals, wish lists and to-dos, so you can keep on top of the things that matter to you, and find reflection on months gone by.

Delve even further into your mindfulness journey with an undated planner, where you can muse on a mind map, set wellbeing goals, and review your habits and priorities week on week.

Personalize your planner

Everyday tasks feel a bit more exciting when you focus on the details. Always there when you need it, your planner should be your stationery sidekick, your most organized friend in paper form – so, naturally, your perfect pick will mirror who you are. Whether you like a clean aesthetic or are crazy for color, there’s sure to be a fun design that says something about your personality and style. Once you’ve picked a look, you can customize further with your name, initials, a phrase, quote or affirmation – to return to and reinforce your goals and milestone moments at every glance.

Ready to start planning like a pro? Find your perfect planner match.

Pages for however you plan

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