extra-special envelopes

Enjoy FREE envelopes & add extra details

All of our invitations, save the dates, announcement sets and thank you cards come with free white envelopes. For extra-special occasions, we have the following options.

Envelope EXTRAS
Color envelopes
For a bright surprise inside your envelope, upgrade to one of our colorful options for an added fee of 20 cents per envelope.
Free recipient addressing
Worried about messy handwriting? Upload your recipient addresses and we'll print them neatly for you, for free.
Optional return addressing
Add your own address, name, initials or a special date – the text will be printed across the back of all your envelopes for 60 cents per envelope.
Looking for more envelopes?
Square or rectangular, colored, patterned or plain – stock up on an extra batch. They’re great to keep around for any handwriting mishaps, or just to have on hand.
How to print recipient or return addresses
Pick your design
Browse our site to find your favorite invitation, announcement or greeting card then personalize your design with all your details.
Choose your option
After you’ve clicked “add to cart,” you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose to add addresses to the front (recipient) or back (return).
Add your addresses
For recipient addresses, either use our template, upload a spreadsheet or enter them manually. For a return address, just add text to the back.
Preview your designs
Preview your designs
You can preview your envelope designs before you purchase. Press the preview button when designing to see what your envelopes will look like when they arrive in the mail.
Frequently asked questions

What paper do you use for your envelopes?

For orders of 10+ card sets, notecards, or invitations, we use 118gsm warm white, matte paper for our envelopes, which matches our warm-white card stock. 

Can I change the font or placement of the text on my envelopes?

Envelope addressing is only currently available in our default font type and size. This is Baskerville BT Roman and will be printed to be easily legible, in black ink - making sure your cards arrive safely with your recipients. Currently, the font, text size and color cannot be adjusted.

How should I format and upload my addresses?

We offer three helpful options for you! The first option is to download our handy spreadsheet template which is linked for you in the editor by clicking the ‘download our template’ button. You’ll want to be sure to keep the column headers that are filled in for you on the CSV file and not delete these. The second option is to enter addresses manually in the editor if you’d prefer, but as a note, if you have a long list of addresses, we recommend always using a spreadsheet for ease. The third and final option is to choose from an existing address list in your Papier account if you’ve ordered addressed envelopes from us previously.

We recommend using the following format for your envelopes:

Line 1: Full Name

Line 2: Street Address

Line 3: City, State, Zip

If you have an apartment or unit number, please insert this as 'Line 3' and end with 'Line 4.' If you’re mailing to an international address, we recommend also including the country on Line 4 or 5 depending on if there is also a unit number.

Please note that any cells in your spreadsheet or within the editor that are left blank will print as a blank line, so be sure to fill cells consecutively from left to right – blank cells must come at the end, not the middle of your spreadsheet if using our template.

Is there a maximum character count for envelope text?

For 7x5 envelopes, each line has a character length maximum of 65 characters, including spaces. For square envelopes, each line has a character maximum of 45 characters, including spaces. This can fluctuate slightly based on individual word length. If you go over the character maximum, part of the text will drop down to the following line.

Do square envelopes require additional postage?

In the US, square envelopes do tend to require extra postage due to their unusual shape. 

Postage for envelopes is not included in your Papier charge.

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