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Everything to know about wedding invitations

From how to write to when to send.

Everything to know about wedding invitations

Compared to choices like venues, outfits and honeymoon destinations, picking wedding invitations may seem like one of the simpler tasks. But along with your save the dates, invitations are important paper details that set the tone of your special day, giving your guests a taste of what’s to come. It’s important that your information is clear and the design reflects the personal style of you, your love and the day you’re about to share together.

From what to write to when to send them, here’s your wedding invitation guide.

The need to know details

When should I order my wedding invitations?

To avoid unnecessary stress, order your wedding invitations as soon as you’ve booked the venue. It can take time to source inspiration, browse designs and finalize wording, so starting the process as soon as you can is always a big help. We also suggest asking a trusted friend or family member to help you check over your final design before sending it off to print.

How many wedding invitations should I order?

Our wedding invitations come in quantities of 10, and you can order up to 1000 at a time. If you know you’ll have 87 guests, then order 90 invitations to be safe. And if you’re unsure on exact numbers, we always recommend ordering 10-20 more.

What’s included in the wedding set?

Our wedding invitation sets come with optional matching information cards, RSVP cards and pre-addressed RSVP envelopes. You can delete and add items from the set depending on your needs.

How to address wedding invitations with a plus one?

If you’re certain of who your guest will bring as a plus one, you can include their name on the main invitation. But it’s safest to keep the envelope addressed to your primary guest, for example, “Samantha Nguyen and Guest.” Don’t forget that this is your communication with your guests, so be as formal or informal as you like.

How to address wedding invitations with one envelope?

If you’re using one envelope rather than an inner and outer envelope, your guests’ full names and addresses should go on the front of the envelope. The reverse can include your return address, the date of your big day or a monogram – get creative and make it feel truly your own.

Can I order wedding samples?

Yes, we have a few ways for you to hold our wedding collection in your own hands, including unpersonalized samples and personalized wedding samples.


What to include in your wedding invitations

As much as beautiful design is a priority, there’s no getting away from the fact that your invitations are there to serve a purpose – to share essential info about your wedding with your guests. How much detail you add is up to you, but there are certain facts you must include to make sure your guests are fully informed and arrive on time. Make sure to include the names of the couple, wedding venue details, timings and how your guests should RSVP. For extra guidance, we’ve gathered all the wording inspiration you need.

How to write a wedding invitation

After you’ve decided on the information you’re including, it’s time to bring your plans to life. Try different fonts, text sizes and shades using our easy online editor, refining the layout until you’ve found a look you love.

If there are too many words to fit neatly on your chosen design, you can always add in an extra notecard including details like venue directions, a gift list or an RSVP for dietary requirements. Remember to leave some blank space if you’re hoping to handwrite names directly onto your invitations, and finesse your calligraphy skills ahead of time if you want your words to feel extra special.

For specific examples or what to write on your wedding invitations – from the traditional to the modern – read our guide to wedding invitation wording.

How to address your wedding invitations

The envelopes of your wedding invitations should include the names and full addresses of your guests. We’ve provided some other helpful hints and guidelines, but do whatever suits your wedding style best.

Inner envelope & outer envelopes

Some couples choose to place their wedding invitation and envelope within an outer envelope to protect it from getting damaged in the post. If you choose to do so, the outer envelope should feature your guests’ full name and addresses, while the inner envelope can be more personal and just show their first name or initials.

Our recipient & return addressing options

We offer envelope addressing as part of your purchase. You can upload your guests’ addresses, as well as a return address, the date of your wedding or your initials for the back. We’ll print everything neatly and send your beautifully addressed envelopes in the post along with the rest of your order.


When to send wedding invitations

We recommend sending your invitations 3-6 months before your wedding. For destination weddings – when you’re asking guests to travel further afield – it’s polite to give as much notice as possible. 6-9 months is a good amount of time for guests to prepare travel and accommodation.

Ready to say YES to your wedding invitation style? Find something for every kind of celebration in our collection of love-filled designs.

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