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How to choose impactful wedding welcome signs

Ensure your big day is stress-free with personalised wedding welcome signs.

How to choose impactful wedding welcome signs

Although sometimes overlooked, carefully considered wedding signs can really lift a ceremony. After months (or years) of meticulous planning, your big day is a time to relax and celebrate with loved ones – and a run of customized signage will ensure everything runs smoothly while you do. From a wedding welcome sign that hits the right tone, to helpful information and personal touches, we’ve pulled together some ideas around choosing made-to-order wedding signs that sit in harmony with you and your needs.

All the signs you need

Wedding signs serve a few key purposes. As a starting point, signs that welcome guests and guide them around your chosen wedding venue are helpful in making everyone feel relaxed and at ease. In turn, the above will also ensure you get to engage in good conversation on the day, rather than directing people to the bar. It’s not just about practicality though, welcome signs can also display meaningful quotes, sayings, or hashtags – important little touches that are unique to you, your partner, and your wedding day.

Choosing a design

In addition to being functional, wedding signs should complement the overarching theme or style of your venue, so it’s important to choose a design that fits. For example, if your wedding is outdoors with a romantic or bohemian feel, you might opt for signage featuring flower details or a botanical border, whereas if your setting is more contemporary, a modern pattern may be just right. It’s a good idea to keep fonts consistent across all your signage, so look for something that’s legible enough for your varying text lengths.


What to include on your wedding signs

A warm welcome

First up, let your guests know they’re in the right place with a wedding welcome sign. Many venues have multiple events running in one day, so it’s important to tell everyone that this, right here, is your ceremony. First impressions are important, so opt for typography and a tone of voice that suits your style – and make sure any other important details, such as the date or a wedding hashtag, are included.

Wedding this way

While you might know your venue like the back of your hand, your guests will most likely be seeing it for the first time. Clear, friendly directions to areas such as the toilets, bar or dance floor will ensure that no one gets lost or misses out. Directional wedding signs will also save you from answering any location-based questions on the day.

Order of the day

People like to know what’s ahead of them, especially when it comes to details such as the wedding meal. A deftly placed guide with all the day’s timings lets everyone know where they stand – and makes sure your guests are always where you want them to be.

Unplugged ceremony

Want to keep candid photos out of the picture? An ‘unplugged ceremony’ sign makes it clear that phones and screens are to be kept out of sight, so it’s only your designated photographer capturing the memories you want to keep. Try not to worry about making demands, as your guests will likely appreciate the polite reminder to put their phones away.

Love quotes

This is your special day, so why not bring in words and messages that are unique to you? It might be lines from one of your favorite songs, or an extract from a poem that speaks to your relationship. Wedding signs like these invite guests further into your world, making the day itself a truly intimate experience.

Where to display your wedding signs

While the placement of a wedding welcome sign is almost always best suited to the entrance of your venue, deciding where to display more personal signs can be trickier. It’s a good idea to make a quick map of your venue and pinpoint areas that will be heavily frequented, such as the bar or walkways.

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