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A Tail of Two Artists

Once upon a time master and student, the biggest names of the domest-art-cated animal world, Catisse and Pupcasso, are now famed for their fierce rivalry. We’ve taken their creative cat-dogfight into stationery with extremely limited Papier collaborations – available for today only! Each artist has designed a notebook and a notecard set in their signature styles – Catisse’s cat-outs, and Pupcasso’s cubist canines. We visited their respective studios to find out what they really think of each other…

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The pair first brushed tails at PAAW (Painting Academy for Animals with Whiskers) where Catisse taught Pupcasso. At first, Catisse was enthralled by the tireless work ethic and natural talent of his student and even asked the young pup-start to join him in a collaborative gallery show.  Pupcasso excitedly agreed and sold all his work on the opening night. Catisse sold nothing. Soon after, the wily whiskered old clawagist denounced the boundless enthusiasm of the canine painter.

“That Pupcasso is too positive and happy to be a true artist. He’s always bouncing all over the place. A true artist suffers with the twisted, dark hair balls that lurk inside them – like me.”

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Pupcasso on the other paw, is more charitable in his assessment of his old master: “I like Catisse's pictures. They’re nice colours. Woof!”

According to the critics, their rivalry has pushed them to create increasingly exciting work. Culminating in these competing, very exclusive Papier collections – available on April 1st 2019 only!

100% of proceeds from Pupcasso and Catisse’s Papier collaborations will be donated to The Mayhew – the animal welfare charity working to improve life for dogs and cats.


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