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Since life in lockdown began, we’ve been asking you to share snaps of your working from home desk set-ups – i.e. your deskies. Whether it’s styling actual desks or repurposing kitchen tables, there’s some serious makeshift office magic happening out there.

If you’re still searching for some deskie inspiration, we’ve curated our 4 favourite trends to help you fashion yourself a good vibes-radiating, home-working space. And once you’ve redressed your desk, share the results with #deskieisthenewshelfie

Add a Pop of Colour

Whether it’s a pretty framed print, some energy-giving crystals, or bright and beautiful Papier notebooks, surround yourself with a spectrum of shades that will make you smile.

Bring Spring In

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Arranging blooms in your home is always a good idea but even more so now. If you can find some flowers, then a vase can be whatever you have at hand – jam jars, water jugs or old bottles all do the trick.

Like It, Pin It

Curate your favourite images, quotes and most treasured notes on a pin board or clip frame above your desk. It could contain postcards you’ve picked up from exhibitions or pictures you’ve cut from magazines that fire your creativity.

Chase the Sun

If you have to stay inside, you might as well get as close to outside as you can. Reposition your desk to a window to get a boost of vitamin D and a view which isn’t just your computer screen.

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If you’ve found little ways to lift your at-home desk set-ups, we’d love to see. Share them on Instagram with #deskieisthenewshelfie and tagging @papier

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