What To Write In A Holiday Card

With the festive season fast approaching, there’s one thing on our mind here at Papier – Holiday cards. The joy that writing, sending and receiving a heartfelt holiday card can bring is truly unparalleled.

But if you're finding that the words of well wishes aren’t quite flowing, worry not! We’re here with our guide to the perfect holiday card messages to help you write your season’s greetings just right, whatever the situation and whoever the recipient.

Where To Start

  • First and foremost, write with sincerity and write from the heart. Take a moment to really think about how you feel for the person you’re writing to. The more personal your message can be, the more well received it’ll be.

  • Secondly, take a moment to think of how you would like to be written to by the person who you’re sending to. If you can put yourself in the shoes of a recipient, you’ll be able to best judge the tone and the etiquette for your card-writing.

We’ve compiled some handy, ready-made examples which you can use to help write your cards, or take them as a template and apply your own creative tweaks to make sure the sentiment is just right.

What To Write If You’re Proposing

If you’re thinking of popping the question this holiday, why not get creative and write it in a card? We say keep it simple and try:

Happy Holidays this year and every year still to come. Will you marry me?

Or if you prefer something more witty:
I got down on one knee for this, so whether it’s a yes or no you’ll need to help me back up anyway. Will you marry me?

What To Write For Your Baby’s First Holiday

Commemorate your first holiday together as a family with welcoming wishes:
You’re the only gift we’ve ever needed, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays little one.

Or think about future Christmases to come:
Merry first Christmas darling, we hope they get happier every year.

What To Write For Your First Christmas As A Married Couple

Mark your first married Christmas together with extra special sentiment:
Happy Christmas my love – here’s to the first of many more together as husbands in crime.

Or if you’re feeling more playful:
Happy Holidays! Do I still need to get you a present if we’re married?

What To Write For Your Husband or Wife

For when you’ve been together for a little while:
How wonderful it is that we have another happy holiday spent together, darling.

Or if humor is more your style:
It’s hard to find the perfect Christmas present for you; when we were married you got everything you could possibly need.

What To Write For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

If love is in the air this holiday, be sure to tell your special someone in their holiday card. Keep it sweet and sincere:
I feel lucky to be spending this holiday with you in my life. Happy holiday my love!

Or if you’re a more playful pair:
All I want is for us to be a pair of pigs in blankets today. Happy Holidays!

What To Write For Your Mother-In-Law or Father-In-Law

The age-old conundrum: getting the tone right with the in-laws! Keep it short and sweet whilst making sure it’s full of seasonal cheer:
Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year to come!

Or if your relationship is more intimate:
Happy Holidays! I feel so lucky to be part of your wonderful family.

What To Write For Your Mom

How do you sum up feelings for your lovely mum in a card? Think of all the reasons she’s so wonderful to you:
For all that you’ve done for us this year and every year, thank you Mom. Happy Holidays! We love you.

Or if you prefer something funnier:
Merry Christmas from your favourite child. Love you!


What To Write For Your Dad

Perhaps you can have some fun with the message in your card for your dad:
I think having me as your child is enough of a gift this year Dad, happy holidays!

Or for something more heartfelt:
Happy Christmas Dad, thanks for all you do for us.

What To Write For Your Daughter-In-Law or Son-In-Law

Make your new member of the family feel as welcome as possible with a heartfelt holiday greeting:
Have a wonderfully happy holiday from us, we’re so glad to have you as part of the family!

Or perhaps something a little less formal:
Happy Holidays to our adopted son/ daughter! We love you!

What To Write For Your Children

Inspire your children with some Christmastime magic by writing them a card from Santa himself:
Have a very Happy Christmas from Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, the elves and me!

Or if you’re feeling more playful:
‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Father Christmas decided he wouldn’t deliver to children with messy bedrooms… better luck next year!

What To Write For Your Grown-Up Children

If you’ve had kids away at school or away in different cities, it can be especially important to send a card to let them know you’re thinking of them. Make it heartfelt and speak candidly:
Sending you all the Christmas cheer and holiday happiness from afar this year! We can’t wait to see you soon. Lots of love

Or for something more light-hearted:
Happy holidays my love — we can’t say the peace and quiet hasn’t been nice!

What To Write For Your Siblings

They might drive you crazy at times, but no-one really knows you quite like your siblings. Keep it funny with what’s (probably) a joke:
Merry Christmas from Mom’s favourite! Love you

Or if you want a more heartfelt message:
Happy Holidays! I’ve missed having you around this year, love you lots.

What To Write For Your Grandparents

There are few relationships quite so special as grandparents and their grandchildren. Write from the heart this Christmas:
To my lovely Grandpa and Grandma, sending love and season’s greetings to you both for a wonderfully Merry Christmas.

Or if you haven’t had the chance to see each other recently:
Happy holidays Grandma and Grandad, I can’t wait to see you when we can!

What To Write For Someone You Can’t Visit

This year more than ever, it’s been tricky to get to see our loved-ones. Speak with love to those who you miss most:
Wishing you the most Happy Christmas from afar. May it be your best yet.

If you know you might be able to see each other soon try:
Have a very happy holiday! We’ll have to celebrate twice as jovially next year.

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