Papier x Laila Tara H

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Patience is a virtue. It's also the superpower of rising art world star Laila Tara H. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of Indo-Persian miniature painting, Laila paints works with a single-haired brush that each take six or seven months to complete. Visual reflections of her upbringing across India, Iran and London, Laila's highly detailed pieces speak of a life navigating cultures and an inherent respect for traditional methods & materials. "My paints are handmade by me or by families who've been making them for generations. They're naturally derived from semi-precious minerals, stones, soil, plants, sometimes bugs. And that gives them a real special quality – it's a color that you're never really going to get with a synthetic pigment."

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"Rather than telling tales of kings, morality, religion, statehood traditionally found in miniature painting - they tell little stories of my own."

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Now, with wonder and awe, we're proud to say that you can find Laila's artwork in a collection of notebooks, planners, writing paper and more – all yours to personalize. "The Papier paintings are a ball of fun – it's us entering the curiosities of summer."

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#From unibrowed suns with mustaches to the nature of her childhood, humor and symbolism seep through every motif Laila makes.
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