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The Mother's Day gifts you'll want to keep for yourself

The Mother's Day gifts you'll want to keep for yourself

Spoil them (and maybe yourself) this Mother’s Day with a personalized paper treasure. Whether it’s mom, gran, step-mom or a neighbor, we’ve got inspiring gifts they won’t expect to unwrap. Help them write towards gardening goals with a new notebook, store their culinary creations with a recipe journal, or set their sights on a dream trip with a travel journal. A paper gift is not only something they can use every day – it's knowledge they can leave behind.

To help you find the perfect pages for the women who guide you, here are our top gifting picks for Mother’s Day gifts.

Recipe journals

Good for those who: Have a smorgasbord of recipes that are too good not to put down on paper.

Pairs well with: Fresh pasta and a new apron. Or some notecards for dinner party prompts!

Best thing about them: Space to list their favorite stores and restaurants.

Personalize with: Mom’s recipes, Ready steady cook, Chef Gran..

Recipe journal


Good for those who: Can keep everything together with a simple list, or love letting their creativity flow.

Pairs well with: A Papier pen and pen clip.

Best thing about them: You can choose your paper style – from lined, bullet or plain.

Personalize with: Julie’s gardening notes, Nana’s knitting patterns, or a quote she’ll love like ‘Mom knows best’.

Daily planners

Good for those who: Enjoy having a structure to their day to maximize their multi-tasking.

Pairs well with: An alarm clock to stick to their routine and a wall calendar.

Best thing about them: Undated pages, with space to prioritize their top 3 to-dos for the day.

Personalize with: Mom stuff, She’s on it, Organized aunt, All under control.

Travel journals

Good for those who: Love exploring new places, whether it's a family getaway or a serene solo adventure.

Pairs well with: Beach hat, crossword book and binoculars.

Best thing about them: Space to scribble packing lists and holiday itineraries.

Personalize with: Gran's gap year,
 Adventures of Liz,
 Mom's travel tales, Trips away.

travel journal

Reading journals

Good for those who: Can’t go anywhere without a good book.

Pairs well with: A new novel and a Papier bookmark.

Best thing about them: Journaling prompts that double up as book club questions.

Personalize with: Ruth’s reading time, Reading material, Mom's reading corner, Where’s my book?

Photo books

Good for those who: Have always got the camera in their hands.

Pairs well with: A new mug to enjoy their favorite memories with.

Best thing about them: A timeless gift they can look through with friends and family.

Personalize with: Memorable holidays such as ‘Santorini 2023’ and special occasions, like ‘Scott & Lucy’s wedding.’


Gratitude journals

Good for those who: Like taking some time out to be thankful – for things big and small.

Pairs well with: A hot water bottle & notecards for sharing gratitude.

Best thing about it: Gentle morning and evening prompts to help them reflect.

Personalize with: A few of my favorite things, Slow down, Take a deeeep breathe.

Feeling inspired to make their day? Pick and personalize a gift from our Mother’s Day edit.

Mother’s Day delights

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