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Poodle Doodle: How to Draw Dogs with Peggy & Kate

The illustrator gives us a step-by-step lesson on mastering the art of pen and pooch.

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The Best Games to Play with Pen and Paper

Draw, write, LOL.

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School's In: New Semester, New Stationery

How to spark joy on your desk this September.

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Papier's Piña Colada Recipe

Our easy and delicious, 3-step recipe for National Piña Colada day.

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How to Have the Perfect Picnic

Experts in the fields of food, drink, fashion & dinnerware give their tips for the most enjoyable...

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Love Letters by Laura Jane Williams

Author Laura Jane Williams pens this exclusive short story.

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Flower Colors for Summer Weddings with The Real Flower Company

The sustainable flower farmers arrange the most romantic palettes for a summer wedding.

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SUITCASE Magazine's 5 of the Most Inspiring Destinations

The travel & culture title guide us through 5 locations to spark your creativity and free thinking.

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The Best Podcasts to Listen to on Holiday

Team Papier pick the audio entertainment they'll be listening to while pool lounging.

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