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7 reasons to make a photo book

7 reasons to make a photo book

Having a photo book means having something to treasure. Gaze back over special occasions, get friends and family together to reminisce, give as a gift that will be kept forever. It’s a piece that every home should have.

1. Memories to hold not scroll

We capture most moments on our phone, but that’s not where they have to stay. Reminiscing with photos in your hand is much more real than through a screen. Although you’re not going to pour your whole camera roll onto print, in amongst your snaps you’ll have the memories that mean the most to you and are worth more than a scroll. As everything turns digital, craft a photo book so you have something physical to treasure.

2. Special events

Birthdays, milestones, festive occasions – seize the precious moments in life so they’re never forgotten. If you’ve just celebrated a big date in the calendar, now is a great time to put it in a photo book and cherish it forever. Whether it was enjoyed with family, friends, or co-workers, they’re people you might see every day or every now and then. A photo book is lovely for looking back on in the future when you’re together again and remembering the time you shared.

3. Back from vacation?

A collection of vacation photos presents the ideal opportunity to fill in a photo book. You might have just landed back home or perhaps there’s a past trip you want to relive. Putting it in print will provide a getaway everytime your eyes travel through the pages. Maybe you haven’t been away and you just want to hold onto a month of memories. A photo book can keep summer beaming or encase a winter wonderland so you can jump back in at any moment.

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4. Press pause on life

Sometimes you might just want to capture the low-key: baking, arts and crafts, days in the garden. There are plenty of mundane moments at home that are worthy of the pages of a photo book. Plus, you can add captions to give context to any occasion which is great for when you’re showing others or sending the book as a gift. Life ticks by quickly so make the most of snaps you thought you might forget.

5. Pursue passion

If photography is something you enjoy, a photo book provides the perfect canvas for your craft. Maybe there’s a style you’re interested in exploring or a landscape you want to capture – plan out your book before the shots have even been taken. You can also choose different page layouts and add filters to feed your curiosity further. Hone your art and showcase it on a platform fitting for your creation.

6. Moving house

However many houses you’ve lived in they were all places you once called ‘home’, and you (probably) don’t want to forget them. Homes hold countless memories, so filling a photo book with the time you’ve spent there means you can stay connected to it. If you’re moving house soon then this is even more pertinent. Capture what you can before you go to help with the transition to your new abode. Wherever you’re laying your hat next, take a little piece of your last place with you.

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7. Photo books for Weddings

Put the memories of your dream day in print. Weddings are a unique occasion full of amazing moments that need to be cherished. Use a wedding photo book to collate a keepsake that will last a lifetime. Not only is it wonderful for you to look back on, it’s something you can show your little loved ones and pass down for generations. Perhaps it’s a gift you want to send a newly-wed couple or a pair who’ve been joined for years – create the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever given with a personalized wedding photo book.

Ready to craft something you can treasure forever? Create a personalized photo book for your own archives or as a keep-forever gift for someone special.

From picture-perfect moments to forever pages

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