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A guide to Papier's reading journal

Pages to remind you of the books you love, and those yet to be discovered.

A guide to Papier's reading journal

Whether you’re a book fanatic that devours a novel a week or a vacation reader that wants to pick up the pace, our reading journal is the perfect place to put your literary loves down in words. From writing your reading wish list to taking note of your next poetic adventure, we’ve broken down our book journal into chapters to captivate your imagination.

Set the scene on about me pages

Whatever the book, your reading journey starts with you. Begin with a library card on paper, listing your favorite book, author and genre, plus a place you love to read and words you cherish from your childhood. Note your level of reading obsession and watch how it grows throughout your journaling adventure.

Don’t forget to add your all-important address, should your emporium of reads need to be returned safely back to you.


Dream up your reading wish list

Plan ahead on pages designed to house your future reading desires. Write up your next reads in dedicated wish lists, with space for titles, authors and the genres you’re hoping to explore. Circle whether you’re planning on immersing yourself in the written word or tuning in to an audiobook format.

Keep track of pages in a borrowing and lending tracker

We think the joy of reading is best shared, so there are pages to keep track of whose books are where. With a borrowing and lending tracker, take note of the novels you’ve been loaned by friends as well as the old classics you’ve lent out to loved ones. Keeping organized ensures that your favorite reads will always make their way back to your own bookshelf!


Journaling prompts to help reflect and grow

Just closed the cover of another book that inspired you to delve deeper? Reflect on your latest literary journey with journaling prompts to help you connect with the words, characters and themes of your last read. From finding reflections between the story and your own life to thinking about learnings you can take into every day, explore how you feel past the final chapter.

Record your reads in a reading journal book index

From page-turning memoirs to the novels that kept you up at night, never forget the books you loved reading by adding them to your book index. Note titles, authors, genres, and ratings – plus the dates and hours you spent devouring their pages.

Reflect even further on the people, places and perspectives you discovered by taking note in your reading log. Jot your favorite quotes and final thoughts or add a summary to look back on. Think about whether it’s a story you’ll revisit in years to come or one you’d recommend to a fellow reader.

Stay present with affirmation pages

Reading is the ultimate personal journey, so it’s important to take a moment to immerse yourself in how words make you feel. We’ve added pages to round up some of our favorite affirmations to come back to when taking a break between chapters. With extra space to add your unique quotes and thoughts, you may even inspire your very own first novel.

“The whisper of a turning page sparks a new beginning”

Never forget a read in my favorite book pages

For those books you simply can’t stop talking about to anyone that’ll listen, there are pages to pop them all down in one place. From childhood favorites to new discoveries that you’d love to start afresh, note them here for the next time a friend asks for a fail-safe recommendation.

An address book for bookshops, libraries and reading spots

There’s nothing quite like settling in with a good read or stumbling upon a hidden bookstore you never knew existed. For when you’ve discovered the ideal space to spend time in the comfort of literature, here’s where to note them down. From corners made for just you and your book, to the libraries where you’re sure to spend hours sifting through shelves, simply write a sentence about the places you love to remind you to return.

Find your next read in our book recommendations

Sometimes, even the most seasoned readers seek new inspiration. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite books to while away days within. From timeless classics and non-fiction picks to novels we love and journeys that are sure to inspire, highlight or circle the ones you can’t wait to add to your reading list.

Discover our collection of reading journal today to take your love of books to a new level.

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