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How to craft the perfect wedding guest book message

Make yours a note of love that lasts a lifetime.

How to craft the perfect wedding guest book message

We all know weddings can feel over in a flash, but it’s the memories created that mean the most. From snapshots of a special day to candid moments caught on film, wedding mementoes become the most treasured family heirlooms. But to truly capture the love shared between guests and the happy couple, nothing comes close to handwritten messages of adoration, affection and well-lived advice, all on the pages of a wedding guest book.

But what to write when it’s your turn to sign – something poignant, anecdotal, witty, or romantic? To help make sure your message is one they come back to throughout the years of their love story, we’ve curated a list of handy prompts and ideas to help you get started.

Keep it classic with a message of congratulations

For a note of good wishes that’s as timeless as their love, choose to say congrats by penning a more traditional message. A classic entry to a wedding guest book doesn’t have to feel less heartfelt but works well for those times when you don’t have a personal story to share, or you just want to show gratitude for a really great day.

“Huge congratulations on a wonderful wedding. We wish you many happy years together.”

“Best of love and luck for the future. Here’s to the brand new Mr. and Mrs.!”

“The most beautiful wedding celebrating the most beautiful couple. Thank you for the invite.”

“We’re so pleased to have played even a small part in your big day! All the best.”


Something short but sweet for unexpected invites

We’ve all experienced weddings when you’re not super close with either of the newly married couple. Whether they’re a family friend, a distant relative, or you’re simply invited along as a plus-one, there’s still every reason to write something in their guest book. Don’t worry about filling a page with words of great meaning, as a simple note of thanks and best wishes for the future can go a long way.

“All the best for your future together!”

“Wishing you years of love and happiness.”

“Thank you for the invite to your beautiful big day!”

“You make an amazing couple – wishing you years of love ahead.”

“Huge thanks for inviting me along.”

Advice for a love-filled, long-lasting marriage

The pages of a wedding guest book are the ideal place to share your own personal tips to start married life. The dos, the don’ts and what to expect now you’re wed will all be appreciated, but avoid writing anything that feels lecturing or too serious. Remember, this is the beginning of their unique journey and a time to be filled with happiness.

“Our most important advice for marriage is to laugh every day!”

“Always find light in the little things and daily moments spent together.”

“Remember, your marriage is unique. No one can tell you you’re doing it wrong!”

“Be there for each other in good times and bad.”

“Never give up on small gestures of thought and love.”

A personal message that’ll make them smile

You know one – or both! – of the couple well. You’re the best man or maid of honor, a sibling or close childhood friend. Naturally, you have enough stories to fill every page of their wedding guest book, but be sure to choose one that focuses on the new Mr. and Mrs. as a pairing, or simply says something to make them laugh.

Remember, if it feels too risky, it’s probably best left out of the wedding guest book. This is a day about their love and a place they’ll return to celebrate it year after year, so a message of sentiment is always your safest bet!

Words paired with a picture from the day

Whether the tables are dotted with Polaroid cameras or the photo booth is almost as popular as the dance floor, taking a quick snap to stick in the guest book is a fun way to preserve memories of the day they might have missed. It could be a picture of you with the couple, or a shot of some guests having a great time. Either way, the unexpected memory will be sure to spark joy, and candid moments are always the best.


A doodle or drawing that captures their love

For those with an artistic side, or younger guests like page boys and flower girls, it’s a lovely idea to jot a drawing in the guest book or add an illustration by hand that sums up the event. It could be a sketch of the venue or bridal bouquet, or anything that feels fitting for their love-filled day. Even if it’s not your finest work, they’ll appreciate the effort and be sure to treasure it forever.

A poem or lyric from a meaningful song

The best part of weddings are the personal touches. Of course, that includes the on the day paper details, but also the physical moments that represent the couple. Show you know them by scribing a lyric from their special song, or a poem you think they might love. After all, the pages of a personalized wedding guest book are the best place to start a new tradition.

Quick and simple tips for perfecting your wedding guest book message

-Let your relationship with the couple guide what you write: in length and sentiment.
-Follow the format laid out in the guest book, and don’t go against the couple’s wishes!
-Unless you’re absolutely sure it’ll be received well, avoid risky humor.
-Remember that short and sweet doesn’t have to be less meaningful.
-Add a photo or drawing to your message to capture a memory.
-Think about what you’d like to say before you start writing!

Getting married? Here’s how to introduce your own wedding guest book…

The good news is, as the couple, you can also help set the tone for the kind of messages written in your guest book. This can help if you want to give guests free rein or guide them into scribbling something more traditional. Whether you’re looking to reflect on moments from the day, or want to prompt people to share stories, here are some prompts to use for yours.

“Thanks so much for coming! Tell us your favorite moment of the day (so far!)”

“Your best memory with us as a couple – anything goes!”

“We’d love you to write something we can read when we return from our honeymoon!”

“Help us start the next chapter of our love story with a special message.”

“Share a snap from the photo booth within the pages of this book!”

Ready to find a keep-forever book for your best day? Shop our wedding guest books this way. Or if you’re a guest looking for a space to jot ideas, our notebooks are the perfect place, with pages for whenever inspiration strikes.

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