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Journaling prompts for a broken heart

Put pen to paper to self-soothe and self-love.

Journaling prompts for a broken heart

Whether you’re going through a break-up, you’ve been single for a while or you just can’t be with the person you love, connecting with yourself through journaling is a lovely antidote to heartbreak. It’s important to remember that love is a magical and ever-present force, and it can be found in all kinds of places.

For those struggling with a tender heart, here are some journaling prompts that you can use to gain a little perspective and show yourself some love. Simply pick up your favourite notebook and a well-loved pen, and let your feelings flow.

For the recently single

  • Reflect on your past relationship by writing about your biggest lesson from that love story.
  • What’s something you missed about singledom when you were in a relationship? How can you tap into that now?
  • Write down three of the best things about being on your own.
  • Create a list of affirmations that you can repeat to yourself. For example: I am completely content on my own. I am connected to my own wants and needs. I love and accept all parts of myself.
  • What’s an activity or hobby that you love? What do you love about it?
  • Who in your life shows you unconditional love and support?

For those yearning for love

  • Pen a list of things you’re looking for in an ideal new partner.
  • Consult the list above. How could you cultivate those qualities within yourself?
  • Create a crush list – book characters, people in real life, celebrities – anyone you fancy. What do these people have in common?
  • Imagine you are told that you’ll meet the love of your life in three years’ time. Is there anything you’d do differently?
  • What part of yourself could you show a little more love?
  • Write down the best part about being you.

For one and all

  • Write a letter to someone – a friend, family member, or anyone you have strong feelings for – and tell them how much you love them. Keep it safe, post it, or maybe even give them a call.
  • Think of three ways you could spread love to the people around you. Try and tick off at least one of them today.
  • Who was your first crush? What did those feelings teach you about yourself?
  • Pick an area of your life – career, home, friends, family, health, wellbeing – and write what you’re grateful for. Repeat for as many areas as you like.
  • Write a list of ways to show yourself love – like cooking your favorite meal, buying yourself flowers, watching your favorite film, running yourself a bath. Can you do one when you finish journaling?
  • What’s something (that’s not a romantic relationship) that you dream of having? What’s something you could do today, this week or this year to start that journey?

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