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Journaling prompts to reflect and inspire at the end of the year

See how far you’ve come as you plan for the new year

Journaling prompts to reflect and inspire at the end of the year

In the time that nature finds a gentler pace, our social calendars fill with a flurry of parties, presents, dinners, and dates. But as a new year beckons, there’s no better occasion to reflect on the last twelve months and reset for the next.

From challenges to triumphs, and hurdles to highlights – sitting down with your thoughts can help you transition between seasons with clarity and calm. Setting resolutions and goals can be overwhelming, so we recommend a gentler approach to welcome the year ahead with more thought and less pressure.

We've curated our favorite journaling prompts to help you celebrate the past year as you manifest for the next with an open heart and mind.

REFLECT on last year

List five GOOD THINGS that have happened to you in the past year.

Name three CHALLENGES you have overcome, and how that makes you FEEL.

Then write down three people you LOVE and are grateful to have had by your side throughout them.

Which EXPERIENCES – good or bad – have helped you develop in unexpected ways?

From holidays to festivals, and milestones to everyday moments – write down the memories that have SPARKED JOY this year.

List ten things you are GRATEFUL for in your life, no matter how small.

Find HAPPINESS in the Holidays

Jot down the activities that’ll keep you CALM through the festivities.

What GIFTS do you already have in your life?

Name a PRESENT you possess that money can’t buy.

Note down a CHERISHED memory that you’ll treasure for Holidays to come.

Name the people that will make your festive season SHINE.


SLOW DOWN this season

Find three ways you’ll CONNECT with nature this season.

List the things you’ll do to REST and RESET before the new year.

A non-negotiable way you’ll practice SELF CARE to fill your cup.

Think of five ways to be KIND to yourself in the busiest of times.

BE INSPIRED for the next

Name three ways you’ll PRIORITIZE YOURSELF in the new year.

Write down a new skill you’d like to develop to make your soul SING.

How can you take your hobbies, interests, and PASSIONS to the next level?

MANIFEST three places you’d like to visit, and who – if anyone – will join you on your ADVENTURES.

Jot down your favorite affirmation to help you RESET throughout the year. Here are some that we love:

I am enough
My journey is my own
I am loved
Life is an adventure

Find space for reflection, gratitude, and clarity in our collection of notebooks and journals, made for your private thoughts and feelings.

Start the year with a fresh page

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