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Mid-year resolution ideas for summer

Now’s the perfect time to start anew with your goals

Mid-year resolution ideas for summer

There’s something restorative about an invitation to write mid-year resolutions. We’ve all been there, around six months into the calendar year, realizing the good-intentioned promises we made on December 31st have all since lost momentum or faded to dust. But what if, instead of feeling defeated, we were able to see the mid-year mark as a chance to start again – grasping the opportunity to renew, reset, and refresh?

Check-in with yourself

Not only does mid-year offer a chance to start again, but it also serves as an opportunity to evaluate where you are now, considering any changes in your circumstances, mindset, or perspective. What was high on your agenda in January may well be irrelevant at this mid-year point – or perhaps a half-hearted resolution you made six months ago has come into sharp focus. Giving yourself permission to evaluate how you currently feel will help you realign with your wants, needs, and values.

A chance to start again

Unlike January, summer is a time of optimism and possibility, allowing you to have fun with your intentions. Running from July to August of the following year, our mid-year planners are the perfect prompt to think about setting resolutions for the coming months. Once you’ve settled on your mid-year focus points, jot them down in your planner. You can then return to them whenever you need a little reminder.


5-mid-year planner resolution ideas

As with all personal goals, mid-year resolutions are unique to everyone - but we’re aware that getting that initial spark of inspiration can be a stumbling block. That in mind, here are a few ideas to get you thinking…

1. Get outdoors

With summer on the horizon, it’s a great time to kick-start an outdoor exercise routine. Early evening runs, open-air swimming and park tennis are all much more achievable (and enjoyable) when it’s light outside. Why not team up with a friend and get some dates in your planner? Our mid-year planners also have an important contacts page at the back, making it even easier to reach out and cement plans.

2. Say thanks

Start (or re-start) a daily gratitude practice. We know how hard it is to stay in the habit of practicing gratitude, so a mid-year reminder to take note is invaluable. You don’t need to write an essay – just jotting down a few words in your diary each day can really help boost mood and wellbeing. Our Our gratitude journals are filled with prompts and affirmations to help you say thanks.

3. Start saving

Another intention that takes commitment: finance control. If, like many, you started the year ready to keep on top of your bank balance but have since slipped back to old habits, now’s the time to set things straight. Sitting in a new financial year, July serves as a good opportunity to set up a high-interest savings account. Use the dedicated pages in your mid-year planner to set monthly goals and stay on track. Or if you want to make this one of your primary goals, our finance planners might also be worth a look.

4. Shop locally

Why not make a pledge to avoid buying food from supermarket giants and shop local instead? Not only will this help smaller businesses within your community, it’s also a brilliant opportunity to discover new and seasonal produce. Writing a shopping list before you go can also stop you getting distracted by things you don’t need, helping you buy less and avoid waste.

5. Do what you love

While January is typically a time for knuckling down after a season of frivolity, mid-year ushers in some freedom. Making time to focus on something you really enjoy provides contentment and can help to ease stress. Take note of when you last felt joy and go from there.


Renew, reset and refresh

Once you have your mid-year resolutions firmed up in your planner, it’s a good idea to plot in activities, dates and reminders to help keep you on track. For example, if one of your mid-year resolutions was to see more art – pop that upcoming exhibition into your mid-year planner to help yourself commit.

Ready to make the most of summer and start anew? Take a look at our range of mid-year planners.

Planners to suit your days

Planners to suit your days

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