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Thank You Note Etiquette: Everything you Need to Know

How to write a thank you note & when to send.

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Forget the fancy gifts. When it comes to showing gratitude, nothing beats a personal, handwritten thank you note. But when are these grateful scrawlings necessary, what should you write and how soon should you send them? Unsurprisingly, we’re partial to posting more than the odd thank you note at Papier HQ. Here, we round up eight good reasons to pen your next merci beaucoup, plus handy examples of how to write a thank you note.


After a job interview
A note of thanks after an interview helps set you apart from the competition and is another chance to show just how polite and professional you are. Plus, it reminds the interviewer you’re human, not just another candidate. Keep the message brief but attentive, thanking the person who interviewed you for their time and reiterating your interest in the opportunity.

Send within: 24 hours

Don’t forget: Write separate notes if you were interviewed by more than one person

Dear George,

Thank you so much for your time on Tuesday. It was a pleasure to come for the interview at StudioSketch – the opportunity sounds amazing and the office had such a great vibe. I am extremely interested in the Office Manager role.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Rosie Friel

When you’ve received a gift
Whenever you receive a gift (especially one you love), it’s only right to say a big thank you. Most of us are pretty good at remembering to write thank yous for birthday and Christmas presents, but there’s a whole host of other occasions that call for a nice note. Christening, wedding, anniversary and new home gifts – to name just a few.

Send within: One to two weeks

Don’t forget: Add details about the gift and how you’ll use it – it shows you really care.

To Luisa,

Just a note to say thanks for the gin & pomegranate candle. The flat has never smelt so delicious!

I’ll use the beautiful pot as a trinket box for my jewelry once the wax has melted away.

Lots of love,

Marlowe x

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If you’ve stayed at someone’s house
When someone has been so kind to let you stay in their home, a thank you note is a must. Show your appreciation for their hospitality and highlight any instances where they went above and beyond to make your stay feel extra special. Sending something sweet and sincere means the door will always be open.

Send within: One week

Don’t forget: Remind them they’re always welcome at yours too.


Thank you sooo much for letting the twins and I stay for the long weekend. We had the BEST time
(pancakes in the morning were a treat!)

Next time you’re around, let us know. We’d love to have you at the cottage :-)

Love and hugs,

Anisha, Mani and Lila

After your wedding
After gathering friends and family together for your big day, it’s important to send thanks to everyone for coming. Add a personal touch by complimenting guests on their outfits, or make a point of thanking them for a particular part they played in the wedding (bridesmaid, DJ, the person who recommended where to get the cake, etc.) And of course, give thanks for any gifts.

Send within: 1-3 months (the sooner the better!)

Don’t forget: If guests gave money, don’t mention the amount. Let them you know what you’re putting it towards instead.

Dear Lucy and Dale,

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day! It means so much you travelled such a long way.

The honeymoon vouchers were perfect too. We ate and ate in Milan – our waistlines still telling the tale!

Looking forward to catching up soon.

Lots of love,

Jess and Josh

After someone else’s wedding
If you’ve enjoyed a beautiful day, an overnight stay or even a mini holiday whilst at someone else’s wedding, a kind thanks is in order. Pull out any details that you really loved about the day to let the happy couple know it’s one you won’t forget. And if someone else footed the bill (for example, the bride or groom’s parents), it’s nice to send a note their way too.

Send within: One month

Don’t forget: Match the thank you note to fit the color theme of the wedding so it sits well amongst other keepsakes from their day.

To the new Mr and Mrs Patel,

Thank you so much for inviting us to share your special day in Edinburgh. You both looked beautiful!

The venue and the food were stunning, and it was so nice to dance the night away with all your friends and family.

We hope the honeymoon is just as unforgettable!

Marc and Lena

After a random act of kindness
Whether someone saved your new kitten from a tree, looked after your house while you were away or baked you cookies just because, sweet gestures like this are definitely deserving of a few words. Of course, the tone depends on how well you know the person who made your day. But keep it fun, friendly and grateful, and you can’t really go wrong.

Send within: 1-2 days

Don’t forget: Pop a fun Polaroid picture in with the thank you note (e.g. you and your rescued cat!) to make them smile.


A HUGE thank you for being such a wonderful, trustworthy house sitter!

You looked after the place like it was your own, and we had such a relaxing break knowing you were here to keep watch.

Dom and Kate

When someone’s been there for you
It goes without saying that friends and family are there to support us, and vice versa. But when someone’s really picked you up on a rainy day, it calls for a thank you for being a brilliant friend. A thoughtful note will show them you value their support and don’t take their friendship for granted – no matter how long you’ve been pals.

Send within: One week

Don’t forget: Just talk from the heart <3 This is a close friend.


What would I actually do without you? Thank you so much for being there when I really needed someone last week.

You always know the right thing to say.

Bezzies forevs,

J xx
Also, wine and pizza night at mine next Tuesday?

After a dinner party
If you’re anything like us, there’s nothing better than a lovely dinner party. So when friends invite us round for an evening of good food, great wine and glorious company, we always follow up with thanks. It’s a small gesture that takes no time at all, but it’ll let them you appreciated all the effort and * fingers crossed * probably mean your next invite is on the way!

Send within: One week

Don’t forget: The compliments to the chef

To Anaïs,

Thanks for hosting last Friday. We had so much fun and the food was amazing as usual!

Rather lovely table settings too. Can you remind me where you got them?

Our turn next time :)

Johnnie & Caz




For your teacher
Whether it’s at school, university or an extracurricular club, when a teacher puts extra time and effort into bringing out the best in you they deserve a note of thanks. Any confidence and knowledge they’ve instilled in you is a gift for life, after all. Driving instructor, dance teacher, doggy trainer – anyone who’s imparted wisdom should get a special shout-out.

Send within: The last week of term

Don’t forget: Check your spelling!

Dear Miss Hudson,

Thank you for giving me the confidence to audition for the part of Juliette. I’ve loved every minute of the production and you’ll be pleased to know I took your advice on applying for drama schools in London.

Can’t thank you enough.

Amber Higham, Year 12

To your boss when you leave a job
When you’ve enjoyed working for a great company, especially one that’s been invaluable in helping you make your next step on the career ladder, it’s good form to send thanks to your boss. Acknowledge them for giving you the opportunity to work there, any skills you’ve learnt and all the good relationships you’ve made along the way, to ensure you leave on the very best of terms.

Send within: Your last couple of days in the office

Don’t forget: Suggest you keep in touch.

Dear June,

A huge thank you for 3 bloomin’ wonderful years at Flower Patch. I’ve learnt so much during my time and made friends for life.

Looking forward to watching the brand grow from strength to strength.

All the best for the future. Do keep in touch!


Dan Harriman

When your employee is leaving their job
When you’re sad to see a hardworking employee move onto to their next adventure, let them know how much your valued them as part of your team. It’s a sign of a good employer when you recognize and reward people for their contributions. And sending best wishes bodes for a great relationship, which means you both have the beauty of knowing you can reach out to one another in the future (references, sharing contacts, a friendly catch up, etc.).

Send within: Their last couple of days at work

Don’t forget: Be specific about when they really shone.

To Nadia,

Thanks for all your hard work on the marketing team. You’ve been such an integral part in building our brand presence online.

Wishing you all the luck with your move to Aus!

Kind regards,