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Make & create: Valentine’s Day Victorian puzzle purse

Illustrator Susannah Garrod shows us how to recreate the romance of a Victorian love affair with a puzzle purse perfect for Valentine’s Day.

 Make & create: Valentine’s Day Victorian puzzle purse

Papier design partner Susannah Garrod loves to sweep people off their feet, transporting them to her world of old romance and decadent daydreams. One of her favourite fancies to make is a Victorian puzzle purse. With a few careful folds and the flick of a pen, she transforms a plain piece of paper into a personalised paper treasure, filled with words of love. Victorians would place a lock of hair in the centre, but we find adding a small written message is more meaningful (and more appropriate for this millennium). Once finished, the puzzle can be placed secretly on a desk, in a pocket or inside a Valentine’s Card.

This handmade vintage Valentine will make anyone you love feel extra special. After folding your puzzle, decorate the outside with watercolour words, painted patterns or pencilled posies. Each layer can reveal a new design or some romantic sentiments. Susannah has kindly demonstrated how to create these Victorian-style paper puzzles, so you can woo your Valentine with a whimsical and wonderful handmade gift. Let the love unfold.

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