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5 reasons to keep a journal

Feel present and welcome productivity with pen and page.

5 reasons to keep a journal

Every new journey starts with a journal. Taking time to slow down – just you, your pen and page – can help you feel present, allow you to grow from past lessons or simply encourage you to reignite forgotten passions.

Whether you’ve been journaling for years and fancy a new routine, or have been thinking about getting started for a while, this handwritten ritual can boost your daily mood and over time, help you achieve your goals, no matter how big.


1. Journal to escape from your screens

The variety of our busy lives can keep things interesting, but a consistent routine will help you stay grounded. Shutting down your screens and letting your innermost thoughts fill the page can restore a sense of calm in even the most hectic of times. Set up a cozy corner, light a candle or put on some relaxing music – whatever helps you feel present and reflect. There are no rules here, but for those times you want a little more guidance, our personalized journals are filled with prompts that ask the questions you’ve been waiting to answer.

Don’t worry if you feel silly getting started, like all positive new habits, journaling sits just outside your comfort zone. The more you do it, the easier it feels to simply let words flow.

2. Take a moment for you

We all need a little time for ourselves, and journaling is the ultimate act of self-care. The best part is, you can turn to your writing journal just about anywhere – you don’t need to set rigid boundaries on times or locations, but associating journaling with a particular place or moment of the day can help if you have a stricter routine.

Start your day with positive words should you usually have busy evenings ahead, or power through with the promise of a page that’ll listen just before you drift off to sleep. There are benefits to both, but the biggest lesson to learn is that journaling should feel like a meaningful release, so don’t beat yourself up if times get hectic and you miss a day or two. It’s never too late to reset and start afresh.


3. Your place for creativity and new passions

There’s no better place to write aspirations and dreams into reality than on the pages of a journal. And they’re not just for reflecting on your thoughts, as you can also use a journal to grow your hobbies and interests. Keen gardener, poet or novelist? Or maybe you want to take your passion project to the next level? There’s a journal to help you stay on track.

Or, let your imagination run free with the things that make your heart sing, in journals we’ve designed with enthusiasts in mind – like scribbling your next big getaway goals on the pages of a travel journal, or whipping up words for creative culinary delights in a recipe journal. However you want to use it, your journal is a space to log the things that make you light up.

4. A space to set goals that matter to you

If you love setting yourself new challenges and goals, all sorts of intentions can be tracked in a journal. From drinking enough water and finding an exercise routine that works for you to starting new creative projects or writing up an annual reading list, tracking your progress in a journal allows you to stay accountable to yourself and spot what might be holding you back. Reflecting on past entries will help you see what led you to achieve success, or remind you of things that didn’t go so well. Ultimately, regular journaling is all about building self-confidence, showcasing your journey and all its ups and downs, and helping you own your mindset to master that next step, whatever it may be.

5. Pages to reflect and move forward

Blank pages make the best listeners, which is why your journal should always be a judgement-free zone. Jot down your thoughts and find comfort in that this is your own personal space, where there’s no right or wrong in how you express your ideas and feelings. Keeping a wellness journal is a great way to check in on your well-being, allowing you to explore and understand your emotions, habits and patterns in behaviour.

If you want to focus on the little things that make your life complete, how about starting a gratitude journal? Use the daily prompts to refocus and reframe your experiences. This feel-good practice will help you prioritise your dreams, hobbies and the moments along the way that make you smile.

Inspired to start journaling? Our collection of journals is thoughtfully designed to help you get the most out of writing.

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