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7 ways a wellness journal helps you take control of your wellbeing

Slow down and take note of your health and happiness.

7 ways a wellness journal helps you take control of your wellbeing

When life gets a little busy, it can be difficult to prioritize your health and happiness. A wellness journal has pages for setting goals, tracking healthy habits and noting down what you’re grateful for. Pausing for a few moments every day can help you see what’s really important.

1. See the big picture

The free-form wellness map at the start of your journal prompts you to assess all areas of your wellbeing – noting down things that make you feel happy and well.

2. Start setting goals

Your journal will help you organize your wellbeing goals into four main groups – nutrition, mind, activity and self-care. Try to choose a mix of goals to help create balance.

3. Establish healthy habits

Writing in your wellness journal at the same time each day will help you form habits. You can try habit stacking – going for a walk straight after journaling, or meditating just before.


4. Practise gratitude

Every day, there’s space to note one thing that you’re grateful for. On good days or bad, practising gratitude can help shift your mindset and make you appreciate what you already have.

5. See the importance of sleep

Track your sleep with the moon icons in your wellness journal. You’ll be able to see how the other things you’re noting – food, activity, exercise – are impacted and adjust accordingly.

6. Reflect and refocus

There are dedicated pages in your journal for self-reflection, allowing you to note what you’re proud of, what you could improve on and how far you’ve come.

7. Find inspiration

Write in your wish lists and fill blank pages with inspiring words. Everyone’s wellness journal will look different, let your pages be a judgement-free zone that help you feel good.

Your wellness journal will become a treasured tool for whenever you need a feel-good boost. Journaling is a simple way to take note of the things that make you feel good, whatever that means to you. Shop wellness journals.

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