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7 Ways to Host a Fun Friendsgiving

Fall is for feasting. And that doesn’t just mean with family. Thankfully, somebody invented Friendsgiving – a wonderful excuse to get together and celebrate our favourite Thanksgiving traditions with our very best friends. Got the honor of hosting for your friendship group this year? Read on for 7 simple ways to make your guests feel most thankful they came along.

1. Send out personalized invitations
The beauty of Friendsgiving is that you get to choose the guest list. No need to feel obliged to invite Uncle Know-it-all or your finicky niece who refuses to eat all kinds of Thanksgiving food. Once you’ve written down the friends you’d like at your event, pick and personalize Friendsgiving invitations in warm, autumnal hues – and expect tonnes of RSVPs.

2. Delegate the side dishes
As host, you’ve got enough on your plate having to sort the main course and dessert, so don’t be shy to ask your guests to bring along the side dishes. That’s what friends are for, right? From stuffing to sprouts and those mighty candied yams, you’ll be in for a feast that tastes even sweeter knowing teamwork made the meal work.

3. Decorate your table
A thoughtfully set table is one of the secrets to any successful dinner party. And Friendsgiving is no exception to rule. Spruce up your spread with personalized menus, place names and greeting cards complete with handwritten messages to tell friends why you’re thankful to have them in your life. If you’re feeling really generous, surprise guests with the Friendsgiving equivalent to a goodie bag – a beautiful set of thank you notecards.

4. Serve up grandma’s precious pie recipe
Dessert. An absolute must for a proper Friendsgiving. Set the bar by unleashing an old family-favorite recipe. Whether it’s pumpkin, pecan, blueberry or lemon, your diners will leave feeling truly satisfied after a next-level pudding. Extra kudos earned for writing the recipe on notecards, so friends can pass it on to their future generations.

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5. Don’t forget the drinks
Those Friendsgiving flavours (think cinnamon, apple pie and cranberry) don’t have to be reserved for the food. Rustle up some warming drinks to complement your meal and set a merry tone before any games begin. We like the sound of gingerbread shots, Old Fashioneds with a maple syrup twist and – to round off the night – pumpkin spice coffees.

6. Let the games begin
Before the food comas set in, entertain your guests with a few fun games. Oldies but goodies like Scrabble, Pictionary and Heads Up never fail to please. Or go for a Friendsgiving theme with a pumpkin piñata or setting aside time to each write-down and read out the things you’re most grateful for.

7. Watch the Thanksgiving episode of Friends
It just wouldn’t be right otherwise.

Stock up on all your Friendsgiving invitations, menus and place names here. You're most welcome.

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